Breakfast egg pizza

Happy Monday!  Hope your are all having a great start to your week, especially after the holiday weekend.  Maybe your a little tired or not to excited to think about what to make for dinner tonight……………might I suggest breakfast pizza?

We normally have many extra eggs from our laying hens.  I don’t do a big breakfast in the morning because everyone is happy eating yogurt or cereal.  Plus it makes my mornings easier:)  But we do do a breakfast for dinner, typically once per week.  I grow tired of having egg casseroles and waffles—the children love it but to me it is a lot of sugar:)

We had something like this back in the day so I remember it and had it on the dinner menu this month.


For our family we scrambled 24 eggs with some milk in a pan.img_20161121_161753

We then cut up a package of ham lunchmeat.  Did you know that you can freeze lunchmeat and then just let it thaw to use again?  I am 40 years old and I always thought that if you froze it, it would taste weird after being frozen–I was wrong.  img_20161121_161758We then baked 2 crescent roll packages in a jelly roll pan.  We rolled them out and squished them down as best as we could.  We used 4 total packages for our recipe. 350 until golden brown about 20 minutes.img_20161121_162732We then layered on the baked crescent rolls the partially cooked scrambled eggs.  img_20161121_163012sprinkle your ham on top and

img_20161121_163114we also put bacon bits on oursimg_20161121_163150

Finally, sprinkle on some cheese and finallyimg_20161121_165119Bake at 350 until the cheese is melted.

Would we change anything in this recipe??  No it tasted fine the way it was.  For myself I would put on a layer of sausage gravy as like a pizza sauce before putting on the scrambled eggs.  I would be sauteing some onions and green peppers as well, but my children would think that was the grossest thing they ever ate:)  and since this was for them………..I will stick to what they like.

Easy meal and tastes good.  We had guests over so I served it with some maple pancake sausage rolls that we had found at our local grocery store along with some cut up oranges and pineapple.

Hope your all have a wonderful blessed Monday morning.  Smile for those little ones and your husbands:)  A smile can change a whole lot!  Talk to you soon!

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