breakfast burrito

We have many laying hens at our home,which means we have ALOT of eggs.  This recipe comes in handy to get rid of a surplus of eggs.

Now this is a basic recipe.  I make these mainly for my little ones and you can’t have anything green or onion looking in your eggs or they will not eat them.  I keep it simple with eggs, sausage, bacon, and cheese.  That is as far as they will go.

You will need as much as your family eats.  For our breakfast burritos we prefer goose and duck eggs–they are much heartier to eat.  But most of you probably will just have plain chicken eggs, so whatever you can get.

I would say at least a dozen eggs to start

With your dozen eggs, brown and drain 1 pound of breakfast sausage.

Add at least 1 cup of cheese.  We like Colby.

My family also likes bacon pieces, I would say throw in a bag of bacon bits or you could cook some turkey bacon and chop up as well.


After your meat is all fried up and drained, add all the eggs and cook until partially set. Sprinkle on cheese and continue cooking until set.2014-04-15_00085

Then you can start wrapping your tortillas.

 You can eat them immediately, or do what I did and place them on cookie sheets and freeze until frozen solid



Once frozen, place into freezer bags and place in freezer.

Since we don’t own a microwave I like to get these out the night before and place on a cookie sheet to thaw.  I put in the oven on 350 for about 30-45 minutes.  Nice hot fresh breakfast without all the fuss.

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