Bissell Vacuum Warranty Review

I purchased our Bissell vacuum last year right before Christmas time, and I purchased the warranty that Walmart offers for 2 years.  I knew that in our home with many different people operating this device someone was bound to do something to it.  Well that someone happened and I have been struggling with my vacuum for some time.

A tiny spring had broken off on the foot lever that makes the arm go back.  So when you are vacuuming with the stick, the vacuum tends to fall back and hit ya in the head!  Not fun.  I didn’t want to do the warranty because I was afraid I would be out a vacuum for some time. Well it just annoyed me more and more and I finally figured I would just file a claim and do it.  The worst case scenario would be….I would have to pull out the shop vac from the garage if needed.

So I sat at my computer and tried to do the warranty claim through Walmart’s website.  It was taking forever and would not load up my receipts.  I clicked the live chat and talked to a customer service rep through that.  She informed me that my warranty was still in effect through Bissell since it had not been a year yet.  She gave me a number to call and I did.

I was on the phone for maybe 1/2 hour with Bissell.  They took all my information and at the end of the conversation, the man gave me instructions to cut my cord and send it to them with the prepaid label.  What?!?!?!  So I got off the phone and Googled it.  Bad reviews.  I was not feeling confident at all about it.

But I decided to do it anyways….

I mailed away my cord and the very same day, my new vacuum arrived!!! I was so thrilled! It is brand new, not a refurbished one like I was reading online.  It works amazingly. 

You can watch my video review here and how everything all played out.


My advice…buy the warranty….when things go bad, file a claim and get a replacement.  Well worth the time and effort.

I am one happy Momma!!!

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