Beginner reader books for kindergarten/first grade

Having a large family, we go through multiple books to start the processes of reading.  Every child that begins to read, it seems I do an internet search and try and get all the easy readers so that I can order them from our local library.  With each child, it takes me time to get them ordered and then receive them only to find that they are too hard of a level, it can get frustrating.  Well with my 5th child, I finally got smart….I decided to make a list of the beginner readers and next step readers that we ordered so that it would be much easier every time a child would start reading.

We start our children out on basic phonics program–included in the free kindergarten school course.  I then start them out by doing easy reader books that we read each and every day.  These books listed are easy enough for them to become independent readers with repetitive words but short stories not to overwhelm them.

Bob books are typically one of the first “books” we introduce to our children to read.  Very simple text as you can see.

We typically go onto Dick and Jane books next as they are really easy as well.  We have this hard book copy that has multiple stories in one, but at the library they sometimes have them all separate.

Here is a sample of the text inside, lots of repetition in these books.

McGuffeys Eclectic Primer is another great resource for beginning readers.  You can get these online for free to read.  If not your local library should have a copy.

Here is my list of beginner reader books.  Most all are from Margaret Hillert.  I prefer older books as they usually portray a simpler lifestyle without all the flash to “convince” my children that reading is fun:)

Here is a sample of what the Margaret Hillert books look like inside:

Do an author search on your libraries website to find what books they have of hers.  Here are some we enjoy.

     The Snow Baby

Lets have a play

Take a walk, Johnny

The magic beans
The three bears
The yellow boat

Up, up, and away

City fun

The purple pussycat

The little cookie

A house for little Red

The little runaway

The boy and the goats

Come play with me

The little cowboy and the big cowboy

Four good friends

The funny baby

Away go the boats

The baby bunny

Why we have thanksgiving

The ball book

 The birthday car

The funny ride

Not I, not I

What am I?

I like things

Oh Cats! By Nola Buck

How many fish? by Caron Lee Cohen

Hot Dog by Molly Coxe

Bears on wheels by Stan and Jan Berenstain

The foot book by Dr seuss

The Berenstain bears and the big red kite

The berenstain bears and home sweet tree

The eye book

In a people house

Mitten series

The ear book

Go away dog

Pie for chuck by Pat Schories

Inside, outside, upside down

I know there are many more books out there.  When you start searching for one, you typically can find more like it.  These are just ones that I order for every new reader.  I’m keeping a record so that my life is easier.  Hope you can use some of these for your beginner reader.

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