beef fried rice

Beef fried rice

This has become something that I make on a regular basis.  Especially while I am trying to lose a few pounds.  I don’t always make it with the beef but I didn’t think many people would just view the vegetables and rice dish that I enjoy eating for my dinner during my weight loss:)

Rice is a wonderful whole food to eat.  Make sure to not buy the white rice, keep it brown.  You want it to be a more natural food.  It fills you up and is good for digestion and tastes great too.

For most of my dinners, I make a cup of rice and add some frozen mixed vegetables and let it simmer.  To top it I sprinkle on some low sodium soy sauce and sesame seed oil.  Top with some green onions and you have a great tasting meal that will fill you up.  Your body will digest it quickly so don’t worry that you eat a large bowl to fix your cravings.  Those will go away eventually.

On the other hand, my husband doesn’t really like to eat my “healthy” lower calorie meals and likes some beef.  So I compromise and came up with this recipe.  I can enjoy the rice and vegetables and he can have the beef to fulfill his “man” need of meat.



For the beef I take whatever size roast I have. I usually buy a rump roast at the meat store and cook it all day in the crockpot.  When it is done it makes the most tender meat.  I then cut this into strips and will put in the freezer until I need them for recipes.  Very simple, no need for spices or tenderizing, the crockpot will do the work.

I then take my 2-3 pounds of beef and saute it with 2 Tablespoons of minced garlic.  1/2 of chopped green pepper, 2 T beef bouillon, 1/4 cup soy sauce, and few dashes of sesame seed oil.  Saute over medium heat.  If you want more flavor add more of the soy sauce or sesame seed oil.  However you like it.


In my wok, or a chicken fryer pan whatever you have in your home.  We just got the wok as a Christmas gift so we use that, but we did it for years in  a chicken fryer pan.  Add some vegetables.  We like frozen mixed vegetables, can of bean sprouts, and water chestnuts.  We cook that until it is thoroughly heated.  Add a few dashes of soy sauce and sesame seed oil.


DSCN5264When it is all heated we cook some eggs.  Push your vegetables around the sides of the pan and crack a few eggs in the center.  We were making enough for our large family so we did 6 eggs.  But for the average person figure 2 eggs per person.

We cook up a separate pot of brown rice.  Measure however much you will need per person.  Figure a cup of uncooked rice per person.

I keep it all separate and then build it with rice, veges, and beef.  Top with green onions and add some more soy sauce and sesame seed oil for taste.

I have found I really like to add sweet chili oil as a condiment to my rice.  It gives it a nice spicy taste and is yummy.  Spicy foods are good for the metabolism.  Try it.



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