Be blessed this New Year!!

I apologize for not posting very much regularly, my life seems to be rather busy lately.  Not just busy with regular household work and schooling but busy on a personal level.

After moving to our new home, I wanted to make some changes in my life. The Lord has given me a quiet time in my life.  Moving here, we don’t have any new friends so it allows us a time of quiet.  Times of quiet are good, they help us refocus and recenter around the things the Lord would want for our lives.  I know I have been busy with just the mundane tasks of life.  It has been a good refresher in my life to start focusing more on the Lord and less on things that are unimportant.

I enjoy going to church each week as all my little ones are finally grown and  can sit through an entire service without too much trouble.  For years, it seems I really wasn’t able to focus on the message because I was so busy trying to keep little ones quiet.  It has been great having them all sit and be good so that I can get some teaching from our pastor.  I have enjoyed growing by taking what we have been taught and then going home and studying more on it to take it with me throughout the week.  I look forward to going to church each Sunday just for that reason—to get to know God more. (*revelation lol)) I haven’t even thought about the socialization part of the church yet, God is centering me more on His word.  Which is neat, because I was thinking I would have to find a place that was more like me instead of where does God want me?  In time, I know God will give us the friends we need and the people He wants us to be around but for now He is capturing our attention through the ministry.

I have been a night owl for many years.  I like to stay up late and do my blogging into all hours of the night.  It worked best for me because I had many little ones that woke up during the night and if I was there to snuggle with them they would stay sleeping.  But I knew that they would usually stay sleeping till about midnight so I was good to get much of my work done.  My husband also stayed up late so this worked well for us.

Now that we have moved, his job requires him to get up early so he no longer stays up late.  I was starting to feel badly that he would get up and be off to work by himself.  I would hear the coffee pot going and thinking that it was time for me to switch my schedule and start waking up with him as I did years before.  For years I wouldn’t get much sleep because I would wake up with a nursing baby, a toddler, and the occasional preschooler, but for the most part those years are done.  Yes the occasional child will wake up during the night, but I am pretty regular about getting 7-8 hours sleep.  A new phase in my life. I remember going for months getting only 4-6 hours and still functioning.  God gives us what we need.

Okay back to my story……I wanted to switch my schedule to be up in the morning to see my husband off to work.  I like getting up.  I set my alarm and the Lord usually has me wake up around 5-5:30.  I would have NEVER dreamed I could do this and not be exhausted or cranky by mid afternoon but I am doing it.  I get my shower, get a cup of coffee going for my husband and myself and then he is out the door.

Then I get my bible and have devotions.  Devotions are something I have not done regularly over the years.  I know we are supposed to take the time for them each day, but just as you can lead a horse to water but you can not make him drink from it that was me.  Not that I am against them by any means, I just didn’t put them as my priority.  I would have bible time with the children, pray an awful lot during the day, and we have praise music on constantly in the home.  But now I am getting filled with God’s word more than I have ever done before.  It has been a spiritual awakening for me.  Before we moved I had a bible that a pastor from the Mennonite church that we attended had given to me.  I used that bible for many years, 12 to be exact.  Lots of writing and underlining went into it.  Before we moved, we had gotten rid of most of our things, and the bible was one of them.   The binding had come apart and some pages were torn from toddlers so I figured it was time to part with it.   I have my bible app that I had read from but nothing tangible in my hands.  While we were doing some shopping for Christmas I felt the Lord say to me, “You need to buy a bible.”  I thought well I have a bible app, but I knew that wasn’t what He wanted me to use.  So I went to Amazon and found a bible–a nice one for $7 –the price of 2 Starbucks coffees.

I am thankful for my new bible.  I have been diligently underlining and studying different parts of scripture and I am excited for it.  I look forward everyday to getting up and having my time with the Lord.

I have also been working on getting my home economics curriculum in book form, (*yeah)!!!  I am currently getting it proof read and hope to have it ready soon.  This book is over 170 pages and focuses on kitchen skills.  It includes over 130 recipes that we enjoying making in our family.  I am excited to be able to offer this to you and will have more books to cover various topics in the upcoming months.

I have also started with some  weight loss.  It has been years that I had lost 80 lbs and I have kept it off.  But now I am looking to lose those last 10 pounds.  When we moved I was able to lose some–due to the busyness and no time to think much about food–but since the holidays it has returned.  I have started to take the children out walking every day.  They are now at an age where we say goodbye to the stroller.  Everyone can either walk fast or ride a bike.  That is HUGE!!!  We have a nice bike path that goes down a “mini mountain” so the children are getting lessons in how to navigate down the decline without crashing.  We have only had 1 fall and it was on the grass. (*sigh)  I am excited for this.  I have a friend whom I am accountable to and that helps.

So this has been my life.  I hope that after the new year to get back on a regular blogging schedule but for now this is where I am at.  I pray you have a blessed New Years and you will see me soon.


3 responses to “Be blessed this New Year!!

  1. thanks for sharing what is going on in your life-I miss your regular posts, but time with God is much more important, and your husband too:)
    SO glad to hear your time with God has been so fruitful-We are all setting goals to read thru the Bible in a year for 2015-there are 5 of us that can do this, and I plan to read Bible story books to the other 4 daily as their part of Bible reading!
    Lots to be thankful for as we head into a new year, with MANY unknowns.

    And I bet you don’t miss the cold-single digits today, and sub-zero nights!!! SIGH

    • Chris thank you for the comments. We do have much to be thankful for this past year and we look forward to the coming year as I know you do too. I had to chuckle at the cold single digits—lol I can honestly say that I DO NOT miss that at all. I didn’t think about it much when we lived in it, because I was home most of the time, but now that we can be outdoors on Christmas and New years without a coat, it sure is nice. I chuckle when I see my children wearing sandals out and its December:) Be blessed with your family.

  2. Congratulations Brandi!! What a sweet blessing that you have. Love the little red heads:) Rest and relax as much as you can. Be blessed as you are. Amy

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