Bad mood mom day:)

Yes I have them!  I am sure you do too!  As much as I would love to say that I never get angry or frustrated, I do.  Life happens, kids happen, husband happens, and Mom happens:)  But we just pick back up and keep on moving.

Hope you enjoy this little video of life last week.


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  1. Thank you for sharing! Yesterday was an awful day for me as well…mommy was not patient, kind or loving, and the children ALWAYS reflect my mood. In fact, lately it seems I’ve been that way more often than not and it’s awful. I find myself apologizing several times but falter yet again.
    Life has been overwhelming lately, including our basement flooding daily after a warm thaw, and needing pumped…the joys of a new farm, correct? Oh and did I mention it was a dirt floor? So a house tracked in mud after the big boys and mama treck around in muck every afternoon for hours, along with being 5 months pregnant, and 9 other little ones ages 15 and under, living a from scratch lifestyle, and homeschooling several children who seem to have forgotten how to think…it makes for a great trial! But my reactions are unexcusable, and I can see the more I react, the more situations God brings for me the find the chance to right myself. It’s a daily humbling, always starting out great, as you said…then one thing goes and it’s downhill from there.

    Thank you for the reminder to step back, breathe, refocus, and it’s ok if everything doesn’t get done. Exactly what I needed at the exact moment. You are such a blessing. Keep up the work God has given you Amy!

    • I had to smile at your comments. Isn’t it amazing that we are all Mommies, doing what we do…it’s just different for different situations but we ALL can have the “same crazy.” I am so thankful for a wonderful God to help us start back up again and for a community of other mommies who can help remind each other that it is okay when things go haywire…just do what you have to do and get back up:) Thankful the Lord allows me to do this in my life….be blessed!

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