Are you walking in the wilderness?


It has been a while since I have regularly posted on here.  God took me through a series of events that led me to not be able to get up and work like I normally have done on here. I have had a house full of sick children, then the following week I got attacked with some strange sickness that led me to be the most unmotivated I have ever been in my entire life.  It took me through 3 weeks of not feeling like myself.    It was a strange time, I call it my mountain disease (smile).  I went through much resting, much time reflecting upon things, much time in the Word, and much time thinking about what I was to write.  and  nothing came.  I literally pulled out my laptop numerous times, just to stare at a blank screen.  It was a new thing for me, what do I do?  As I sat this morning  doing my devotions, it came to me…….I was in the wilderness.

When Jesus was in the wilderness, Satan was tempting him with physical things.  But Jesus didn’t crumble.  He knew they were just physical things.  He knew in Whom his strength was.  When He came out of the wilderness He was a much stronger person spiritually. Why? Because His focus wasn’t on the physical, it was on the spiritual.

When we go through the lonely times in our lives, those can be some of the best times.  When we first moved here, I know myself it was a strange thing to not really know anyone, and I felt so quiet and alone.  My children did as well.  As we talked about these things, I said “well, this is the time for us not to sit around and have a pity party.  These are the times that we need to stay in the Word and spend our “extra” time with God.  God is just preparing us for a season.  He has great things planned, let’s just take this opportunity and be prepared for what is coming next.”   So we did, we got in the Word more, and spent more time with Him.  My daughter shared some visions that God had given to her.  I was encouraged to know that she was seeking Him during that time.  For myself, God gave me that feeling of anticipation and I had better get ready.  It was an unexplainable excitement and joy welling up in my spirit.  It encouraged me.

When we are going through that wilderness or lonely time, instead of focusing on what is going on on the outside of it, start shifting your attention to the inside.  Don’t look around and think everyone has left you, or that things are just going bad, start looking at the good in your life.  Focus on what God has done, instead of what He hasn’t done.

During lonely times or wilderness times our minds are better focused.  We don’t have all the “stuff” that normal bogs down our minds on any given day.  We are able to focus more clearly and look at things more intently.  We are able to study and read God’s word with a clearer process.  When it is silent, it is easier to hear His words.

These are times to help clarify our goals in life.  What is our purpose?  What is it we are doing here on earth?  What is it that God has for us?  What strengths has He given to us, that we are not using?  Reflect and think about refocusing what is is you need to be doing.

We need to be clear about our missions in life.  What is it that God has called you to be?  You have to KNOW and be CLEAR about what it is you are to do.  We have the power within to shape our destiny.  That power comes ONLY from God.  Whatever you say out of your mouth, you will produce.  If you are negative about your children or your husband, then I can guess that that is what is going to happen within your home.  Be clear and stay focused on your job and completing what it is God has for you.  Don’t be sidetracked.  When things start to go bad, don’t fall into temptation to react negatively, think of your goal and react positively.

You have to know what you want out of life.  No matter what your situation is in life, what is it that you want?  Does your life seem a mess?  Do you feel like the odds are against you in everything that you do? First you have to know in whom you believe.  I know I serve and believe in a God who can do ALL things.  Not just some things but ALL things.   Praise God, that He opens up things that I never thought could happen.  I believe that He would be faithful and He is.

We all shape our own futures. Not in the sense that we are the masters, only God can do that.  But we shape our futures by how we react to things.  We are building the plans for our life.  When things go bad and we want to get irritated we think that we have to fix this. We think that all these burdens are for us to fix.  But we have to know that the Lord takes care of us.  He hears all of our prayers.  Even when we might not see them happen right now, He is faithful to do as He says.  He loves us, He promises to take care of things.  But we need to uphold our promises to God.  God says to cast all our worries on Him.  He says that in everything we do, do as unto the Lord.  Are we acting in our day to day activities as “unto the Lord?”  Are we fighting with our husbands?  Are we controlling them?  Are we yelling at our children? Are we upholding our promises that we are supposed to make to God?

Lonely wilderness times are  good times to reflect and think about what it is we are doing.  These are some good times to get our focus off of ourselves and onto God.  Get out of the pity party, it isn’t about you. We are meant to show the world about how great God is. We are supposed to be reflecting His goodness and ALL things great about Him.  Are we doing that, or are we acting defeated in our lives? When you are in that wilderness, ask God what it is He has for you.  Focus your attention on Him, get it off of you.  Our lives are meant to glorify Him.

Embrace the quiet………..walk through your wilderness…………enjoy the beauty that God has in it………………and let God speak to you.

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  1. Thanks Amy. I just lost my dad on Nov. 3 and we had a complicated relationship. This article confirms again what God keeps saying to me. It is hard to imagine the future. I believe God has a plan though.

    • Oh Jackie, I am so sorry that you have lost your father and I am blessed to know that something I wrote encouraged you. We can thank the Lord for His words–not mine. Remember to smile even when you don’t know what else to do today. Be blessed!

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