Are YOU easy to work with?

Okay, before your immediate answer is, “Of course,I’m easy to work with!”  Think about this for a moment.

I know when my children stay up too late, have too many freedoms, and then I expect them to get back into real life interaction mode it doesn’t always happen.  You know the kind that when you go to church, you expect them to be friendly and at least LOOK like they are happy to be there? Or when you do school, you expect them to look at you and at least answer like they know what you are talking about?  Sometimes my children, especially teens go through this phase quite often.

But how many times do I myself go through this………………

If you ask most Christians of what kind of life that they want, typical answers will be, “A life full of abundance.”  We can all mostly agree that we would want the BEST LIFE EVER!  True?  But what type of person do we give God to work with?

Just as our children get moody and often times “hard to work with,” how many times do WE get moody and give God something “hard to work with?”

Do we complain when things start to go wrong, or do we immediately go to prayer on issues out of our control?

When the doctor gives us a “concern” do we immediately think the worst, or do we immediately go to God with that?

When we struggle with things in our own lives, do we just blame others and blame our “lot in life” on where we are at, or do we turn to God for answers and help?

They ONLY way you are going to see changes in your life is by giving God something to work with.  It all begins with a hunger.  A hunger to WANT more out of life.

It is easy to talk with friends and spread some “prayer requests”for others.  But what we need to do is stop finding fault with all of the things that go wrong in life and start bringing FAITH to the situations.  Isn’t that what our walk with God is supposed to be about?  Living a life of FAITH!

We need to stop being critical and judgmental and start bringing love to the situations.

Start expecting things to happen for the good in your life.  Walk with a positive outlook on things.  You realize that when you are dealing with your teenagers it is much easier to work with them if they have a positive attitude with things.  We are the same way when God has to work with us.  Don’t you think He would rather work with someone that “expects” great things? Or would it be the person who mopes around and complains about this and that and doesn’t think that God can do anything?  If we did a role reversal you know the type of person you would rather work with.

We must become hungrier to see the glory of God in our lives.  Begin today.  Stop complaining about things and start finding FAITH in what God can do.

Enjoy your weekend and be blessed!



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  1. thank you amy, have a great week end ! be blessed !

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