another, large family birthday celebration–Dads turn

My son and my husband have their birthday’s within one week of each other.  It is time for another celebration.  Here are some foods that we made for Daddy for his special day.



Bacon wrapped around egg in a muffin cup.  My husband really likes our goose and duck eggs, this is a great way to make them for breakfast for a special way. Plus they are easy to eat while driving to work.
DSCN0405 e1372217613423 Club sandwiches

Club sandwiches —all my girls have become quite proficient at making these at a young age.  They are a staple in our household.  We can make 2 loaves of bread’s worth and pack them in plastic baggies for an easy way to grab lunch. This was a great treat for Daddy to take to work.DSCN1898 e1372129096319 257x300 Iced coffee drink similar to Starbucks frappuccinos

My husband is a wonderful man and will take me to get a Starbucks iced hazelnut macchiato almost every chance he can get.  I wanted a way to re create our favorite drink without having to drive all the way to town—you know its about a 30 minute drive?@?@?  This was a great recipe that we made all summer long and will continue making again this summer.  Daddy really likes his iced coffee-–so does Mommy.

My husband is very simple when it comes to his food.  He is wonderful at letting me try out all new recipes and change it up every week, but he is a spaghetti, meatloaf, hotdogs, kind of plain dinner man.   For his dinner we made his favorite–-spaghetti.  

2013 10 25 00051 300x225 large family dinner ideas  homemade spaghetti and chicken parmesan


Here the children are singing to him while he is doing funny dances.  I told you he was the “not so plain” of my blog.

Dad does not particularly care for cake, but he absolutely LOVES banana splits.  So that is what we made for his celebration dessert.2014-04-26_00040

I made it easier and pre sliced all of the banana’s into a bowl.  We used the following for toppings:

  • chocolate syrup
  • caramel syrup
  • pineapple topping
  • strawberry topping
  • cool whip
  • chopped nuts
  • sprinkles
  • mini chocolate chips

Each child got to make their own, that was a treat in itself.

Since we have a large family and nothing usually “stays” very long in our household as far as leftovers go,  I wanted to make a few extra desserts to keep in the refrigerator this week that he could grab a piece of when he came home from work.




His favorite pie, is chocolate pie.  This is again a simple, no frills pie.  Made with boxed pudding and milk.  Very simple but rates as the best around our household.DSCN1821 300x225 Banana pudding recipe

His other favorite is banana pudding.  He USED to be the only one that cared for this dessert, but unfortunately for him, most of the children like this dessert as well:)  That means less leftovers found around here.  See why I made these extra treats for him this week???


Here I am with my “hunk of a husband”  Happy Birthday baby, to a man who has turned my world upside down, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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