The bible speaks of being accountable to one another, bearing each others burdens.  The world says accountability leads to success.  I believe both.  One of the reasons for writing this blog is to become accountable in my actions as a wife, mother, and manager of our home..  Its easy to say “yes, I always choose the right responses in my life,” but the reality is…I’m a fallen person who makes more mistakes than I’m willing to admit:-)

Accountability is essential for any society to function.  Whether it be in the workplace, in the church, or in our homes, we need people around us to help us achieve success in our lives.  Whether your a mom of small children just needing that reassurance that what your doing is worth it, or that person struggling with addiction, its important to have people around to encourage and lift us up.

Proverbs 27:17 says.

Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

I think that this verse basically means that we can learn from one another, be a teacher and an example to others, and help build each other up.  Its important in all things in life to know that your not alone in what you do, and somewhere in this world is another person feeling exactly like you do. It helps us to continue on, maybe remove some feelings of guilt, and help us to be better human beings in this world.

Are you fulfilling your role by being a sharpening influence to help make someone more useful and productive in life?  Do you value and promote relationships with other good people to help “perfect” your own walk in life, even if that means that their corrections might be hurtful at times?  I encourage you to let yourself get “sharpened” by someone today.

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