Abundant Life Bible Study

Want a deeper relationship with the Lord? Tired of wondering why so many things go wrong in your life?  Do you realize that God does not make bad things happen in your life?  He does not want you to live a defeated life. One of depression, hardships, and wrong choices.  He ultimately wants to bless you and do so abundantly.  I am a true believer of this truth because I am living it.

This study will give you a solid basis on Holy Spirit living.  It will cover the following topics:

  • living a life of faith
  • being led by the Holy Spirit
  • healing
  • prosperous in all areas of life
  • wisdom
  • offenses
  • rebuking the devourer–spiritual warfare
  • fasting
  • tithing
  • pride
  • tradition of man vs God’s truths
  • importance of your words

Week 1