5th Grade spelling course

Another Freebie!  Please pass this along to anyone who may need it.

Our schedule for spelling:

Monday–copy the words

Tues-Wed–do worksheets

Thurs–fold list in half and mom gives quiz

Any they miss, copy 5 times each.

5th grade spellingFINAL

5th grade spelling teacher masterFINAL

4 responses to “5th Grade spelling course

  1. Weeks 2 and 3 both have the word delight.
    Week 4 on the master list has the word gown and on the student sheets it’s grown. Thanks.

    • Mary—thank you—I just realized that in my list this week too:) I will be correcting it for future. Any more “errors” let me know—I need an editor. Thanks

  2. why is there nothing for 4th grade?

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