4th of July weekend

I probably should of had this published yesterday, but we had a nice long weekend of just hanging out at the lake and spending time together. My husband took off a couple of extra days which gave us a long weekend.

We started out by celebrating Jadyn’s 11th birthday.  Her, Brooklyn, and I went to a Jamie Grace concert about a week ago–her favorite Christian artist.

IMG_20160622_184257 IMG_20160622_202711

If you have a daughter who needs a good role model as far as music goes….look her up.  She shares about being single and waiting for God to bring her a husband.   I like that she takes the time to see each and every one of her fans afterwards.IMG_20160622_202833

Then for her birthday dinner we celebrated it on the weekend when everyone could be together.  Now for myself, I like to cook and bake.  I might just be the only person who doesn’t mind making her own birthday dessert—because I know how I like it.  Jadyn is the same way:)    She made herself a chocolate sheet cake with homemade fudgy frosting. IMG_20160702_134602

We also knew we were going to have a few extra’s for the day so we decided to make up a batch of vanilla cupcakes.  We had a cake mix and just used that for the cupcakes but for the frosting we wanted something homemade.  We decided to make a mock whipped cream type frosting.

IMG_20160702_134612She wanted to do some piping, but right now the temperature in North Carolina is close to 100 and we have a little bit of humidity which does not make it good for piping.  But she tried:)

IMG_20160702_202333 We spent much of our time this weekend at the Lake swimming.  We BBQ I think almost every dinner.  We went and saw fireworks in our community and yesterday we finished the weekend off with a trip to Lake Jocassee.  It was a fun weekend.  Today I am spending the day washing up towels, wiping down coolers, cleaning off chairs, and getting the house back in order.  I hope your week is going well and I pray you find some time to play with your children.

Here is a little video of our weekend.  Be blessed!

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