3rd grade reading comprehension free curriculum

For reading this year, I am going to have assigned books that my children have to read along with pages to make sure that they “comprehend” the story.  I do have a few children that will say, “Yes, I read it,”  but then later I find out that they did not.  This year I took the time to look up some reading comprehension questions and also wrote a few of my own to go along with their stories.

These were recommended books for 3rd grade reading.  Some are easier than others, I figured we would start out with the easy ones and then move up.  I will also encourage my child to choose books of her own from the library to continue reading throughout the week.    I will assign maybe one or two a week with the comprehension pages (depending on how hard/easy it is) and then they will read “fun” books of their choice.

I have included my PDF which has the story along with either questions to ask them or a note that says use downloaded pages.  I will print the pages off and keep in a folder.

3rd grade reading

These are all of the PDF with comprehension questions or activities:

The Patchwork Quilt

The Lorax


Prairie School

Mapping Penny’s World

Legend of the Indian Paintbrush

how to make an apple pie color download

Grandfather Four Winds and Rising Moon

George Washington

Charlotte Web Comprehension Questions

best friends for Frances

Alexanderspending bar graph

These are all FREE PDF’s that come from online sources that I will be using:

Jan Brett Wild Christmas Reindeer

Ramona—choose pages you want to print

Molly’s Pilgrim

Polar Express

Thank you Amelia Bedelia

Since my 3rd grader is just becoming a proficient reader, I am going to use more reading comprehension this year for her than other grades as she is learning.

If you do a Google search for “3rd grade reading comprehension free”  you can find many printable pages with stories.  I found over 140 days worth of printable stories and questions.—I copied them into my Microsoft Office and will print them off for her to read and answer.  I can’t share those as they are others, but if you do a little searching, you can find many free reading comprehensions out there.  It would be the equivalent to buying a reader and workbook like we had back in school.

I hope this will be of use to someone.  If not pass it along to someone whom you know could use it.  Be blessed today.  I will be having more reading comprehension up this week.


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  1. My son can read but is so reluctant to do so. I look at this list and I think oh my.. he won’t even try.. Any suggestions?

    • Do you think they are too hard? Go down a level. My son does not enjoy reading very much either, I just tell him, he has to read this book or so many chapters and then answer the questions. Just part of school. Maybe as he grows, he will enjoy it more. Check out some read aloud books and do some together. Have him sit and do some activity where his hands are busy and you are reading the book. My sons did enjoy listening to stories. They did put up a fuss reading:) Sometimes it is that it is more difficult to understand, go down or order a bunch and have them read a few pages until he finds ones that he likes. Look at the graphic novel type stories, our library has a whole section on them. Not graphic like cartoon stories, they have graphic novels for all sorts of books. Hope these ideas help.

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