2nd grade Spelling Course

I have 2nd Grade spelling course for download today.

click on the link and print it off—super easy.

Monday—copy spelling words

Tues-wed–do pages

Thursday–fold list in half and mom gives words to test on

If they miss any copy 5 times each.


2nd grade master teacher listfinal

2nd grade spellingFINAL

4 responses to “2nd grade Spelling Course

  1. Hello!
    This is going to sound like a stupid question – so let me apologize in advanced! We’re a couple weeks into my 2nd grader’s Language Arts curric and I’m kinda over the spelling list! He’s still learning to read and getting phonics down (he’s doing well…but still needs practice) and they’re having him spell 15 words a week such as: much, stretch, batch, catch, such, whiff. It’s just too much! He can read them…remembering words that don’t follow phonics rules is another story.

    You’re spelling curriculum looks PERFECT! I’m just wanting to make sure I am going to do it right.

    Do the kids need to write the word list once a day as well as the other activities? It almost seems too simple – I’m used to complicated, thus the confusion, lol! Thank you!

    • Don’t apologize, nothing is a dumb question! The way I write things might not come out exactly how I want you to read them:) We do Monday copy the word list. Tuesday do a page and Wednesday do a page. If I think that the list is too hard, I might throw some letter tiles out and let them practice spelling them. Or I give them four words on Tues to practice spelling and four more on Wednesday, etc etc. That they practice spelling in their heads. By end of week they take the test. If they miss some words I have them copy them 5 times each. Then I ask them the word and have them spell it to me. I mark it on my master spelling list what words they missed and maybe every 5 lessons I might ask them if they know how to spell those words. Spelling comes over time. Don’t stress about it in 2nd grade. Keep reading books and practice writing. They will get the spelling. 🙂

  2. I have three daughters that I homeschool. This is amazing material- thank you doesn’t cover it!

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