FREE printable advanced Kindergarten/first grade curriculumn

I have finally finished getting this printable kindergarten and first grade curriculum ready for you to download.  I believe in sharing the fruits of my labor and want any parent who cannot afford curriculum be able to home school their child.  It will cost you some printer ink and paper, that’s all!!!

click here to download the entire curriculum for FREE

I have utilized some other FREE downloadable pages from  I have used this online site way back 20 years ago when they first started and offered cases of their items for free.  Now you have to pay for them to have them shipped, but you can download and print them for free as well.

This is the site

Print off the following items:

Block Print Writing Journal I

all the cut up books

For myself, I used black and white colors as to save on ink.  My children enjoyed coloring them in themselves.

Then I did some filler work.  I bought at the discount store a book of mazes, dot to dots, and hidden pictures.  They cost me 50 cents each.  I then went to this site and printed of some mazes.  I gave them 2 extra filler pages each day.

I did the easy mazes for ages 4-6.  I chose two books and printed them off.

Mazes, Free Printables, Easy to Hard

This is enough school to do 3 days a week and covers all that your kindergartener and first grader needs to know.  I just finished testing my first grader and it covered the same items.

Sept 12 days, Oct 12 days, Nove 12, Dec 9, Jan 12, Feb 12, March 15, April 15, and May 6 days.  This equals 107 days of school.  But there is much work to do in one day, you can easily split it up between a few days.

I am keeping this short, lots going on over here in our little corner of North Carolina and I will be sharing soon.  But I wanted to get this out for those of you that are preparing for next year.   I will post soon how I organize it all together.

Be blessed.

FREE Thinking skills/ busy work course for elementary grades

This has become my children’s favorite class that I write for them.  I mix up lots of different things that I think they should know.  When I am looking to write their curriculum, I do it off the basics that they need to know.  But I usually come across something else that I want them to learn but I didn’t fit it in their regular classes.  This where “thinking skills” was born from.   It includes lesson on art, vocab, grammar, thinking skills, etc.   For the elementary version I have included a speed reading word list that covers words that 4th and 5th graders should know.

I will be doing this with my 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grader.   The 2nd grader will need more practice on the reading list, but they will get a good start in learning words.

It is FREE and provides extra learning and extra busy workbook pages if you need that.  Have your child do 1 page per day.  It is enough for an entire year.

Click here to download.  


Free elementary math curriculumn

If you are a homeschooling mom you are probably like me, where you might skip over a few things over the years and then by the time your child enters middle school you wonder if you taught them everything they are supposed to know.

For myself, we teach at different levels for each child.  What one grasps easily another may struggle.  We glide over things that are difficult and fly through the easier things.  I have found most math textbooks are way too repetitive and pointless.  I know, but that is just me.  After teaching my older ones, I realize what really needs to stick and what you just “need to know.”  That is why I revamp and write my own.

This elementary Math curriculum covers everything required from 1st grade up to 5th grade.  It is repetitive in  the “important” things and teaches the “less important” things.

I will be having my 5th grader do this as well as my 2nd and 3rd grader.  The 2nd and 3rd grader will work at a slower pace but my 5th grader will work at a faster level.

Use it for the 5th grader who needs a good review or use it as a challenge for our younger grades.  Use it for a couple of years, since it covers up through 5th grade.

If you need a rough estimate of where each grade level begins and ends—as you know you review every grade level as you get older, but here is the breakdown:

1st grade goes up through page 30;  2nd grade ends on page 80;  3rd ends on 120;  4th ends around 140;  and the rest is 5th and lots of review.

Again this is a FREE printable PDF file.  Print it off and give your child 1-2 pages each day of school.  They will learn much and it won’t cost you more than paper and ink.

Enjoy and be blessed.

click here for the download.

DIY silverware holder

Having a large family has made me encounter things that probably don’t bother most people, but become bothersome when serving food for large amounts of people.

One big issue, was drinks.  Getting drinks for 6 little ones takes up extra time.  We solved that by getting every child and adult their own water bottle.  Each child get’s their own before meals and that solves that issue.

Another thing that slows down my time, is getting out silverware from the drawer for every meal.  Now that may not seem like a big deal for most, but when you are scooping out plates and getting out silverware for at least 6-8 children three times every day, it can become more work.

I used to have a nice heavy crock container that fit all of my spoons and forks into it and that set out on my server window in our old home.  It was a great fix for getting out extra silverware but unfortunately it did not make the move in one piece.  Since we moved here, I just put the spoons and forks into the drawers like most people do.  But I have noticed that it has become an issue again, so I decided to do something about it.


I took some cans and pounded down the inside where the metal sticks up from tearing open the can.  I then covered the inner ring with some electrical tape to make sure no one would cut their fingers.  I spray painted them different colors and then hot glued them together.  Don’t be frugal with the glue, coat it nice and thick to hold it tight.  There you go a DIY silverware holder.  Simple and easy.  When meal time rolls around, this sits next to my scooping out area and I just grab what is needed for meals.  Easy—simplified.

FREE bible and animal study curriculum elementary

Need a good, easy, and most of all FREE bible study curriculum for your elementary aged student?  We have it.  Plus we have an animal study that ties into the bible learning–so you get two classes in one!

For our bible study for the elementary aged children, we are using the Illustrated Family Bible from DK as our main source.  It is easy to read and I felt it covered the main stories we wanted to learn.  We read a new story 4 times per week.  After each story, we have bible trivia on the stories we have already learned.  Each week, we memorize a bible verse that the child practices writing each day.

We also are using Character Sketches books from Institute in Basic Life Principles.  These well made books have a vast wealth of information.  The books take an animal and give you an in depth account of how it functions in nature.  It then goes on to relate it to a character trait of a person in the bible.  Very neat.  We enjoy these books for teaching animals study as well as biblical study.    I chose 2 animals from the books each week.  Usually it pertains to what we are learning in the bible that week.

I then did a search for my own printable images of each of the animals—I included a list at the end for you to do a search yourself for and printed them off for each child.  As I am reading about the animal, the child will copy down some interesting facts about the animal as well as color the image in.  We will then put them together in a book to have an animal study.

I have also included  printable bible trivia questions from all of the lessons taught.

These are another great FREE resource for bible and animal curriculum choices this year.

You do have to purchase the following books to make it happen, but still an inexpensive route to homeschooling:

I bought the Illustrated Family Bible DK  and Character Sketches Vol 1,2,3 from Institute in Basic Life Principles.

I found these books relatively cheap online.  The character sketches are a little more, but they are big and heavy and nicely made books.  Don’t worry about getting a newer version, we use the old version and the bible and animal information is still the same—it doesn’t change.  They are a good in depth animal study as well as biblical person study, we don’t absolutely love that many books but these have stayed on my shelves for many years.

Click here for FREE printable elementary bible curriculum

Click here for FREE printable bible trivia to go with the curriculum