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We are living life with 10 children with lots of love and joy. We live as simple and plain as we can be, but life with a visionary husband is definitely not so plain. Look around and see how we live and enjoy life.

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Save money homeschooling

When we first started homeschooling  over 15 years ago, I was amazed at how much curriculum was out there.  I received numerous magazines with hundreds if not thousands of different curriculum choices.  It can be overwhelming especially for a new homeschooling parent.  The quest to find the perfect curriculum can be a daunting task. One […]

How does homeschooling work??

For some of you, the topic of homeschooling might be something new that you have heard more parents are doing these days.  It could be considered the new “fad.”  But in essence homeschooling has been around since the beginning of time.  What did our ancestors do before there were public schools?  They home educated their […]

sausage bowtie casserole

This recipe was originally called “Jared’s casserole” but it has since been changed to sausage bowtie casserole.  I didn’t think anyone would understand if I gave it that name.  A guy from my husbands’ work gave me a slightly different version and as with all my foods, I tweaked it to give it a version […]