Abundant Life Study week 9

For those of you who have asked…here is the next week for the Abundant Life Study. Print it off and add it to your other weeks.  I pray that the Lord has given you eyes of revelation into knowing His Word, through this study.

Be blessed and enjoy your day!

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Paying my children to learn the Books of the Bible

Tell me to do this years ago with my first set of children and I would come up with all kinds of remarks…..”Pay your children to learn biblical things?!?!?” “That is absurd!  They should want to learn just because it is God’s Word!”  “We shouldn’t teach our children that they have to be rewarded to learn about God, they should learn it is blessing enough:)”

Yadda, yadda, yadda, that would have been me……I admit.  But, fast forward ten years later and see that by paying your children to do things like chores or special jobs doesn’t turn them into greedy young adults who expect things in return for the work that they do. It just motivates them to learn or do it quicker:)  I am not worried that my children will grow up to be lazy, self-centered adults…that hasn’t happened yet with any of my children:)  So I think a little reward money when learning things that they might not learn otherwise…is good:)

This month, I offered my children a $1 for learning the books of the old testament and $1 for learning the new testament.  That might not be much for some children but just like I told my children….its a treat at the store that you normally would not have:)

We went on youtube and found a books of the bible song and played it over and over again so that we had ample time to learn them.  My daughter brought home a printed list of the books of the Bible and we used that to study from as well.

Most everyone learned both of them. It took less than a week and they were happy with their  new found cash$$$$  The younger ones who didn’t learn them completely, will get the chance another time.

My children do normal everyday chores without compensation but I also have them do extra chores that they earn some weekly money from.   This is nice so that when we go out and I normally would buy treats for them anyways, this way they can use their own money and feel like they earned it.

So Momma’s, need a little motivation in getting your children to learn something that they won’t naturally want to do on their own??? Give them some money. 🙂  Be blessed as you enjoy your week.

100+ Freezer meals for our family–November

Hey everyone, hope your having a great start to your week.   We had a busy weekend of attending the Southern Christmas Show with my girls and this morning is dragging just a tad:)  Last week we did our once a month freezer cooking. I have decided to never go back to regular food making ways.This is so much easier for our family.  I love the ease of just pulling out the breakfast, lunch, and dinner that we need the night before and its all finished.  No guessing what to eat, and searching for the ingredients, it is finished and done!  A great time saver for a mom with a lot of mouths to feed!  Plus it saves me a lot of money$$$$$  Time and money are two important things to have a lot of when you have lots of little ones to feed!

You can watch the video here, or scroll down to see what we made.

This month we made the following:


Bagel–cream cheese-salami  (to have once per week 3 weeks)

Bagel/egg/bacon sandwiches–(to have once per week 4 weeks)

English muffin/ham/egg-(to have once per week 4 weeks)

French toast--(to have once per week 4 weeks)

Breakfast burritos (to have once per week 4 weeks)

Oatmeal-steel cut oats make with frozen diced apples, brown sugar, maple flavoring (once per week 4 weeks)

banana-chocolate–waffles or pancakes to make once bananas are ready (once per week 4 weeks)

make pumpkin muffins when needed

yogurt smoothies–(have three times per week for 4 weeks)

toad in a hole –when needed

one breakfast casserole—to save for special morning


peanut butter sandwiches once per week.  I labeled them because two of the children like peanut butter and jelly, once likes peanut butter and honey, and one likes just peanut butter.    I made 30 of these sandwiches (2 for Autumn, 2 for Jentzen, 1 for Madelyn, and 1 for Stephen.  The other three children at home would have leftovers that day or make something on a tortilla.

Grill cheese sandwiches–we made 40 of these.  Enough to have them once a week for the month.

I also rolled up some chicken/bacon/ranch mixture  into tortillas and will either bake them or just serve them cold depending upon whether we will be home or not.  Enough to do once per week.

I then used up some lunchmeat and and made tortilla/lunchmeat/cheese wraps.  Froze those and we will have those once a week as well.

The lunch that we will make once a week will be:  Mexican grill cheese, and lentil and rice casserole.

I have canned chicken on hand and would make some chicken salad on crackers or tortillas if we need it.  Usually we have plenty of leftovers to have if we need a fill in.

This month I made a couple of bags of soup.  This will be good to heat up on the weekends when everyone is home and we need something quick when people eat at different times.

I made the soup condensed—which means I didn’t add that much liquid to it and I will put it in the crockpot and add more water or milk when we are going to eat it.

I made a bag of potato soup, sausage potato soup, and 2 garlicky chicken soup (left out the noodles but I wrote on the bag of noodles in the pantry that they were to be used for soup)


1 bag of chili

3 pans of million dollar casserole

2 lasagna

2 chicken parmesan–over spaghetti

1 sausage red beans and rice

2 sloppy joes and buns

1 smoky bacon sloppy joe cups

1 Jared casserole

1 pinto beans/taco meat on flattened biscuits

1 philly cheesesteak sloppy joe

2 bags of chinese lo mein (noodles cook separately)

1 gwumpkies

1 sauerkraut kielbasa

1 tater tot casserole

2 fried rice–I used leftover shredded beef and bacon for my meat

1 shish kabobs–chicken and beef

1 chicken cordon bleu--this month I layered it in the pan instead of rolling up the chicken

2 chicken pot pie

1 southwestern penne pasta

2 chicken broccoli cheesy rice casserole

3 taco casserole

I also purchased a whole chicken and we will bake that and make cheesy rice with it.

I will also do hamburger beef stroganoff .  I just labeled any ingredients that I needed that would be in the pantry so they don’t get eaten:)

We will also do Thanksgiving. I purchased a turkey and a ham.  We will do all the sides that go with it including:  mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole, corn, pear jello, baked beans, macaroni salad, angel eggs, sweet potatoes, mac/cheese, and rolls.  Plus desserts–pumpkin pie, apple pie, chocolate pie and I bought materials to make harvest snack mix.  I bought materials to make pink party punch to drink as well.

I didn’t plan on much baking this month because I knew we would have plenty of treats.  We have already made some popcorn balls.  Our homeschool group made some along with cards and gave them to our community workers as a thank you.  So the kids and I made extras for home.  I also make up a big batch of homemade hot cocoa mix to sip on while we have cool nights.  I purchased a big box of bananas and the children snack on that all day.  I also was able to buy two bushels of apples!!! I live in apple country and have not been able to find them inexpensively–well I did the other night by accident.  So I bought two bushels and put them in the refrigerator.  We  eat those for snacks.

I also purchased some canned diced tomatoes and while I was chopping up ingredients I made little bags of pureed onions, green pepper, and garlic.  This will make homemade salsa for a snack. I got bags of tortilla chips at a discount store this month so it will work.

I will also make Tammy’s bean dip for a snack to use the chips with.

I have plenty of garbanzo beans on hand and will do homemade hummus too.

I also have bags of carrots and will slice those up to munch on.  Along with celery and peanut butter.

For myself I made more oriental chicken salad to eat on lettuce leaves…my favorite.  I will also do some lara choco balls to eat when I don’t have time.

Here is a printable of what we made

Download (PDF, 254KB)

I usually budget $1000 for food and then $200 for household supplies.  Last month I spent $800 in food and $200 for supplies, this month I spent $870 in food and $200 in supplies.  The reason being a tad more was because of Thanksgiving.  The turkey and ham were $50 plus all the ingredients to make extra.  I will have to make one run to the store to get more:  milk, box of rolls from Sams, sour cream, elbow macaroni–I forgot a box, 4 canned biscuits because I added flatbread tacos to our list, and cucumbers for our macaroni salad.  Everything else should last us well for the month. I figured another $20 and we will be all set.

There will be plenty of meals for the month and then some.  I made over 35 dinner meals and I have plenty of breakfast and lunch meals as well.  We will eat good this month with tasty meals.  Plus we didn’t spend as much as I normally would—not bad for feeding 11 people all month long.

If meals stress you out, consider doing this once per month—you will save money plus have lots of extra time……….hmmmmm what to do with extra time:)  Be blessed and have a wonderful day!

Transforming “under the stairs” into a closet for 4 girls

Having a large family, we do things a little differently than most.  When you need something, you just make do with what you have an figure it out.   When we bought this home, the only thing that was missing was a closet space for the five girls.  There was a large office -type room that they all sleep in downstairs and that works great for holding the quadruple bunk beds and a loft bed for my older daughter, but no space for clothing.  We went back and forth on what we were going to do for the clothing issue.  I didn’t really want to be looking at hanging clothing downstairs as it is our entertainment area, so we came up with this option.

This area is under the stairs.  It was an unfinished spot so we decided to transform it into the girls closet.

We mudded all the corners and holes—is that what you call it?!?! 

Then we made a PVC hanging rack for each girls’ clothing.  We attached it to the wall with bolts from the other side–as it is the garage and cemented the tubes together.    

Then we went to work.  Remember I had that big gallon of turquoise paint that I used for my pantry and laundry closet.  We had just enough to finish this closet as well.

As we were working, I decided to paint the tubes as well.  We actually had some turquoise spray paint and that is what we used for the part where the hangers slide across. I knew that would withstand scraping better than the latex paint.

Word to the wise…..make sure to close the area you are spray painting….it travels long distances in the air?!?!  My husband did it and then as we were walking on the wooden floors, I was wondering why our feet were so blue, yikes!!!  We steamed mop real quick:)  So keep the door closed or cover the area with a sheet.

This was the finished room.  The pictures don’t look so well as there is no lighting in this closet. 

We use a sensory light wand that I bought off Amazon for around $10 it turns on as they come into the closet.  I recharge the batteries usually every two months.  Then on the opposite wall we placed these LED lightswitches that turn on like a lightswitch.  I found them at Harbor Freight and they cost around $4.  Super bright and amazing.  We bought two and placed them on each end of the closet.  The floor has leftover carpet squares from their bedroom.

The tubes are connected and tight.  We didn’t do this at first and of course, clothing would fall off every once in a while….cement them:)  It looks white in the photo, but it is just the bad lighting.

Each girl has her own “tier” from the oldest up high to the youngest, down low.  

These are the two youngest girls spots.  I hang clothing that they don’t use as much in the back left hand side .  Any clothing that doesn’t fit or is out of season, we put in plastic storage bins up in my bedroom closet. 

They only hang their shirts and dresses in here.  They each have cloth storage bins that they use to store in leggings, underclothing, socks, pjs, etc.  I have that outside of this closet and it looks like a piece of furniture but holds a lot of clothing and shoes.

Under each girl’s spot they can store their nicer shoes and boots.

It works!  We use what we have and make it happen.  The PVC pipes are inexpensive and work great as clothing rods.

I hope you are all having a great day today, I am off to finish up our once per month shopping and then I will be home to make our once a month freezer cooking day.  I can’t believe it is already that time again:)  Have a blessed day!

Abundant life study week 8

Hello everyone, another week, another study.  I have week 8 available for the abundant life bible study course.  This has been something that the Lord is slowly helping me write out for my children to do. I am thankful to be able to pass along these truths that I have learned over the years, through this study.  It is the ONLY thing that I care that they remember in their life, because it will make them be successful.

Download and add it to your folders.  Be blessed and enjoy!

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