Large family visits Table rock and Caesers head in Pickens South Carolina

Since moving to North Carolina, we have enjoyed visiting all of the natural wonders that are in this area.  From November until now, we have been out exploring almost every weekend because the weather has been so nice.  We just had our first major ice storm and it caused a shut down for the town.  I remember the jokes from people in the north that southerners don’t know how to drive in snow and ice and we would laugh along with them.  But what I have learned that it isn’t that they don’t know how to drive, it is that it is impossible to drive in.  The majority of the area is on an incline, which makes it impossible to drive on when ice hits.

My husband had the wonderful experience of “winter” weather when he came home from work the day of the storm and was trying to drive his car up the mountain.  He realized he wasn’t going to get up it as he was sliding back down and opted to park at the bottom of the mountain.  Now it is fun to walk up the mountain for exercise, when you feel like it, BUT after working all day and it is raining ice, you don’t look too forward to walking up it.  Thankfully it only lasted about a day and then the ice melted, but he has since learned that most people who live on mountains, park at the bottom if they know ice is coming.  Good fun.

We actually had our first snow storm today as well.  So winter has been about 2 weeks in the making and we are totally fine with that!!

We have explored as a family multiple areas around where we live and this is by far the most favorite of our family.  We came across an area in Pickens, South Carolina.  Yes the name definitely sounds back-woods- like and it is definitely that.  It is in the middle of nowhere and very secluded.  We came across a little community known as Pumpkintown.  Which hosts an opry, diner, and ice cream parlor.  That is about all we have found, along with the many people who sell boiled peanuts out of the back of their pick up trucks.  Haven’t tried them yet—probably won’t (smile) Definitely no health departments regulating that down here (smile).

Pickens is home to a beautiful state park known as Caesers head and Table Rock.

Caesers Head is an amazing place to visit.  It has huge panoramic views of the mountains and is breathtaking.  IMG_9189

We have been wanting to visit Chimney Rock here in our state but it costs a lot, I believe like $10 a person just to walk up it.  From what we have heard, it isn’t as great as stated and this compares to it just as well and it is FREE.IMG_9209

The day we went, the sky looked so clear from the valley and as we were driving up the mountain, you could see the cloud cover.  When we got to the top, it was semi clear—we literally went into the gift shop for about 5 minutes and came back and this whole area was engulfed by a cloud.  It was simply breathtaking, it looked as though you were looking out into heaven.  IMG_9215

You drive to the lookout area, and it has a small gift shop, hiking information area, restroom, and concession area.  You can walk out a few yards and see the lookout, very easy to access.  It is very child safe, as all of my little ones were climbing all over the rocks and enjoying the views.

IMG_20141228_155144I have a video included on this post of what we experienced and it shows the deep crevice we were able to walk down.  They have a place where the two sides of the mountain collide and it has a narrow passageway that you can walk down, on stairs.  This then takes you down around the front of the mountain.  It is very safe, all of my children descended upon this trail.  It brings you to a side view of the cliff you are looking out and you see what this mountain is named for “Caesers head.”  It to me resembles more of a monkey looking face, but from the front I am sure it is different (smile).    IMG_20141228_153701

Here they are enjoying some of the huge boulders in the look out area. IMG_20141228_154223

After we walked down, some of the clouds had cleared away and back up we went.  We were able to see the peaks of some of the other mountains in the distance.    IMG_20141228_154922

We have been back to this spot, multiple times and you never know what the weather will be like up there.  On the days we thought for sure it would be clear, it wasn’t.  One time we went and it was so windy, you didn’t even want to stand long up and look. IMG_20150117_131741

Another time it was clear and you could see for miles around.  Definitely a must see stop for anyone traveling through this area.     IMG_9229

You can then hop back in your car and drive down the mountain and stop at a few stops.  This was Bald Rock Mountain. Another beautiful place with great panoramic views . Again free and not that many people.IMG_20141228_170513 Then you can get back in your car and enjoy about a 30 minute drive to Table Rock State Park.  This was a paying park.  We paid $2 for adults and children 16 and under were free.  But worth the price to be able to go somewhere well kept up and much to do.  We have spent the entire day here and for $4 that it cost us, was worth it.

As you pull up, the parking lot is packed full, but most of these are all hikers, doing the massive trails.  For our family there was not many people where we were at.  The picture above is Brooklyn playing with a goose in the lake.  The area has a huge lake with canoes, kayaks, and pedal boats you can rent during the season.  it has a sandy beach area that we will definitely be trying out.  The other side of the lake, where we were at has fishing and lots of geese.  They are extremely friendly, be careful of your food, they will want it!

It has a nice play area for children.  One of the nicest that we have found down here at all.  In the video, I have it recorded.  IMG_20150125_160903

After picnicking and enjoying the water you can go for a hike.  This is the BEST areas to hike in with children.  We have been to many areas and most are pretty rugged and not so good for children.  But this  entire trail is all naturally paved out– but in a good child way.  Steps made out of boulders, roots, and some man made wood steps along the way help hiking to be easier.

IMG_20150208_153856You have many trails to try out.  They have a little office where you are to register at before you go hiking.  Just so they know who is left in the wild.  We do the Carrick Trail.  Simple and easy with little ones.  We would love to do the more intense ones to see the better views of Table Rock.  The mountain of Table rock was a place that the Indians named that because it looks like one of the gods could sit on the seat and use the top of the mountain as a table.  It is a beautiful view that you can see when you first pull into the park.  Again an amazing panoramic view.


When we first started out on the Carrick Creek Trail, it takes about an hour to hike and my husband and I ended up carrying both of the youngest children.  But now they can walk the entire trail by them self with no carrying needed.  So much easier than carrying a 35 pound weight up the mountain(smile).IMG_20150125_162926

Here is Mady and me.  She holds my hand so we don’t fall.  We have been here during the winter when it has been wet.  I took a fall one time in mud.  But she claims she saved me from it being worse. She is my walking buddy. That day I noticed many young ladies, with mud down their leg—so it wasn’t just me (smile).IMG_20150125_163318

There is so many places to just stop and enjoy nature along this trail.  Here the girls were waiting by the flowing stream that runs through the entire trail.IMG_20150208_153239

You can literally walk right up to the water that is flowing.  It will be nice when it is hot in the summer and the water is ice cold.  It is just huge flat granite rocks, with water flowing on them.IMG_20150208_153409

There are many little waterfalls all along the trail.IMG_20150208_153435

Here the boys like to get their feet wet.  IMG_20150208_153536

Lots of trees to climb, and weird areas to discover.IMG_20150208_153718 Lots of natural beauty that you just want to stop at along the way and view. IMG_20150208_154426

Here Stephen has found his walking stick and walks proudly along the path.  Daddy and him are usually trailing up the back, because he likes to explore every little thing.IMG_20150208_154707

You have to cross the creek, stream, river–whatever it is called multiple times throughout your hike.  Some are over little man made bridges, some are laid out like here with rocks.  Either way, it is fun to hop across.IMG_20150208_160146 Here they were taking a break by some water. IMG_20150208_160249

Some of them starting getting pretty rocks out of the water.  They have many “sparkly” ones as my little ones like to say.IMG_20150208_160310

You could  literally sit here and just be with your thoughts all day long.  Oh wait, unless you have children in tow, forget that!IMG_20150208_160355

So peaceful and quiet.  IMG_20150208_161003

Lots of natural things just to explore.  Here was a big tree uprooted, the children enjoyed looking at it.IMG_20150208_161410

This was more of a straight away and then the children started running.IMG_20150208_161709

Brooklyn usually leads the pack and keeps us moving.IMG_20150208_161830

She is quickly followed by big brother Evan and little brother Jentzen.  Those children can run!!IMG_20150208_162554

Here Lauren was taking a break from hiking up the sides of the mountain, another peaceful spot.IMG_20150208_163450

When you come around the two mountains there is a big tree that fell in between them.  You can either walk around the corner or do as Lauren did and walk across on the fallen log.  This day, someone stopped and started recording her–probably in hopes that she was not going to make it for a funny youtube video (smile).  We chose to walk around.IMG_20150208_164148

Here is another fun stop along the way.  Just huge pieces of rock that make a nice little hiding place for you to sit under. IMG_20150208_165451Here is at the beginning of the trail, which is the end.  It has a nice sitting area where you can relax and enjoy the waterfall as you rehydrate or rest up after your hike.

For those that would like a video, here is one with a bunch of clips of our time at Caeser’s head and Table rock.

Just a couple of places to go for families who like to be together and for an inexpensive good time.

Large family birthdays—3 to be exact!!!

This past week we celebrated 3 birthdays!!!  It is the only month that we have so many celebrations within a couple of days.

We started out by making treats to take to church for Valentines Day.  We went with something that we enjoy making a few times a year.  Popcorn balls.  You can make a lot for little effort and they taste very good.  We have made this successfully with children of all ages for our girls group at church and we did it, with our younger group and it wasn’t too messy.  Most of the time they got their “blob” and just licked their fingers!!!


You can click here for complete step by step instructions.

IMG_20150213_124143Up next, we celebrated Madelyn’s 4th birthday.  She was our “red-head” born on Valentines Day.


We always let the birthday person choose their favorite dessert or cake.  Madelyn went with what else?? Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

IMG_20150213_124156She really wanted a princess dress for her birthday, but since they were like $35 for a flimsy one at Walmart, I passed on it.  We instead went to the Goodwill and found this “looks like a princess” style dress.  They also had the matching crown, found all of this for $4.  That was a deal and she can wear it out.      IMG_20150213_174829

The chocolate frosting was messy, she licked an awful lot of it.  We were having guests over, so I made sure to keep a separate plate for them and kept a “child-made” plate.  IMG_20150213_174906

Everyone wanted to get into the fun. Who can resist chocolate??IMG_20150214_103944

Here the birthday girl was all dressed up and ready for celebrating.IMG_20150214_103959 - Copy

It is hard to believe how fast time flies.  I can’t believe that my life has gotten so much easier over the last few years. I would have never imagined being able to do the “extra” things that I do like my blog and going out on dates with my husband.  All the weary mothers out their who don’t get to do anything, I was you.  It seemed, I would never have a chance to breathe again, but it came.  In time it will.IMG_20150214_172556The other person who had a birthday was Lauren.  She turned 17 this year.  This year was much quieter than last years birthday where we had a big 16th birthday party for her.  Which I am glad that we got to do before we left Michigan.  This year Lauren and I got to go out alone to the Winter Jam concert.  That was way fun!! We got to see Family Force 5, Skillet, Jeremy Camp, Building 429, Veridia, and Blanca.  It was so great to be worshiping with 14, 000 other believers.  We took along some new friends from church and had a great time. Who said that Christians can’t have fun??

IMG_20150214_173807Since we did the concert, we decided to have our cakes on Madelyn’s birthday party.  That way, when we had guests over, we could have a variety of cakes.

Lauren’s favorite is chocolate eclair cake.  You can view here how we make it.  This is her absolute favorite.  Our old neighbor gave us this one time for Christmas and it quickly became a favorite in the family.


We also celebrated my birthday.  I decided to go with something different this year for a cake and I wanted to try pineapple upside down cake.  I had Jadyn make it and she did an excellent job. Click here to see step by step instructions on making this cake.  It was super easy and looks great for presentation.

IMG_20150214_173822So delicious, I am thankful that everyone liked this, otherwise I would have been eating most all of it myself!!!

We went and chose a Mexican buffet for dinner.  It was an easy thing to make and then it allows everyone to pick their favorite toppings for nachos.

Good fun, family times.  We get a little break before the next ones.  Have a blessed weekend.

What offense does to us

When we go about our life and someone or something comes our way that “hits a nerve” and then bam!!! We are offended!!! It happens suddenly, it doesn’t usually take time to sink it, we are either easily offended or not. It is like a wound that refuses to get better. It festers, continues to open, reddens, and gets infected. It hurts and keeps infecting our life with anger, bitterness, un-forgiveness, sickness, and strife. It will rob us of so many good things that God has for us.
For most people, it is hard to forgive. They might get to the point of forgiveness but they don’t usually forget. Satan knows if we don’t forgive and forget then he can bring that offense up over and over again. He will use it as a tool against us to keep opening that wound and digger deeper, to cause bitterness in our soul. He LOVES to see us miserable and so loathed in our own self pity. He is sick soul.

Ephesians 6:12
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

We have to remember that we are not striving against people, but against demonic forces that are trying to oppress us. When we allow ourselves to get offended it is like stepping into that trap. Remember the definition from the beginning? Offense is a snare set by Satan. We cannot get out until we forgive and release the other person from the offense.
Holding onto bitterness and anger only causes us to be affected physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Physically it will create stress in the body, as the body no longer can function doing the natural processes of day to day. It has to work hard to help ward off the excess pumping of the heart due to stress and anger. This causes a weakness in the body, which in turn can lead to sickness, tiredness, and more stress on our heart. Repeated anger over the years leads to a multitude of health problems as in high blood pressure and heart conditions. How easy it sounds to take care of our bodies physically by not taking offense at things?
Emotionally is a big one. How many of you deal with depression and sadness in your life? I know I did for years even after I was a believer. I would let offenses eat at me for days on end. I let Satan beat me down and make me believe I was not worth something. But let me tell you, the day I stopped believing in all that garbage was the day I was set free from my sin and bondage. It was, and is the best decisions I have ever had. DO NOT let Satan work on you through offenses and make you believe you are not someone highly favored by the Lord. Our minds are a delicate thing, when offense comes your way DON’T TAKE IT.
Spiritually, offenses will not allow us to move to that next level that God has for us. We all work towards a greater goal in life. We want to strive to keep working towards learning and experiencing a greater level of spiritual-ness that can only come from God. Most people never get to experience this awesomeness from the Lord. They are so stuck in bondage of sin and it happens because of their own selfish choices and choosing to take offense at things.
We may get offended that the pastor speaks on giving and tithing. Even when they share the blessings of seed sowing and all that God has done, we get offended. We may remember hearing a story of someone who has abused this principle and now we reject hearing the words of the Lord. We think all he wants is our money so we reject the principal and choose not to experience the blessing.
We may get offended because they didn’t choose us to be the new Sunday school teacher. We stop going to church because we are offended by that. This ONLY hurts us spiritually and we miss out on the blessings God has for it. How do we know what God is going to work out in our lives if we get offended over things that WE THINK need to happen? We have to start believing God and let Him work in our lives.

Are you enjoying this series??? You can download the entire PDF here or keep reading Why we should not take offense?

More things that you can offend….the holy spirit—-What?!?!?


Offended by the Holy Spirit

Ephesians 4:30
And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.

The bible says do not offend the Holy Spirit…….who in their right mind would want to offend the Holy Spirit? Did you know that when we fight and do not get along with others we are offending the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is to be living inside of us. It is meant to guide us and direct us to the life that God has for us. God is a god of peace. The Holy Spirit living inside of you is to make your life peaceful. It is meant to help spread unity in our life and community. Where there is unity there is anointing and a blessing from God.
I know that for myself, I cannot carry offense towards someone or something and be anointed by God. It doesn’t work that way. How can I go along and share the love of God with others when inside of my heart I am angered or bitter towards others. You can’t mix those two together. I would not want to go about my day without the anointing of God in my life. Could you imagine driving down the road, going to the grocery store, or being MARRIED without the anointing? I know, because I lived without the anointing for many years and guess what? I did an awful lot of fighting with my husband. I also did some unkind things to others. I definitely did not reach out and do as God wanted me to do. I saw how if I just would of reacted differently to things, how much better situations would have turned out. I had to learn things the wrong, hard way. It is so much easier to have the Holy Spirit living within you and helping guide you in your path of life. Once you start listening and stop rejecting, you will come to see all that God has for you just by you simply obeying .

How can we offend the Holy Spirit:

1. When we excuse away our sinfulness. The Holy Spirit is mean to be a source of conviction in our hearts. People use it to support ungodly behavior and to excuse away their sins.
2. When we go against the Scriptures. The Holy Spirit works hand in hand with God’s word. It revels to us the truth and to not lead us away from it.

We all need the presence of God in our lives. I would NEVER want to live without the presence of the Holy Spirit flowing in my life.

Offending ourselves

Did you know that you can offend yourself?

Matthew 18:8-9 says:
And if your hand or your foot causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life crippled or lame than with two hands or two feet to be thrown into the eternal fire. And if your eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life with one eye than with two eyes to be thrown into the hell of fire.

In these verses God is referring to “cutting out” and getting rid of the things that are causing you to stumble in your life. Having a guilty conscience is a major problem in life. It causes you to shrink back in fear of people finding out your “hidden” sin. You will lack boldness to stand for things God wants you to stand for. When Jesus died on the cross He did it to set us free from condemnation and feelings of guilt. But it is our choice to make right decisions once we accept that He did that for us. We cannot continue to choose sinful behaviors and expect to receive the blessings and benefits of knowing Jesus. His blood bought our freedom. But if we remain in sin when we know that it is wrong, then we are not using the freedom He gave us.

How can we go about not offending ourselves? First we accept and call it what it is SIN. Stop excusing away your problems. State it and name it!!! Then avoid it. Stop participating in that which is causing you to sin. If your conscience condemns it then stay away.

That can include:

  •  Magazines with immodestly dressed people.
  •  Movies that you would NOT sit with Jesus and watch.
  •  Dirty jokes, bad language, gossip with people.
  •  Music that does not have a positive message.
  •  Books that cause you to dream up images of sinful things.
  •  Friends that lead us to do things that are not godly.

There are so many different things that are stumbling blocks in our lives. We need to cut them out and throw them away. Some people have said that looking at things or listening to things that are NOT God honoring do not offend them. But what has happened is that they have become numb to the world. There hearts have become so hardened that things don’t even bother them anymore. That is a sad reality. I don’t want to be numb to things. We want to have our eyes open to see the realities of life, to help others, to live a life victorious in Christ.

Giving offense to others

2 Corinthians 6:3
We put no obstacle in anyone’s way, so that no fault may be found with our ministry
Proverbs 18:19
A brother offended is more unyielding than a strong city, and quarreling is like the bars of a castle.

I like both of these verses. Not being an offense person is a HUGE way to share the testimony of Christ in your life. If we walk around with sinful behaviors, attitudes, and lifestyles how is anyone else whom has those same issues going to want to change things in their own life? Why would they want a “god” who doesn’t even manifest himself in them? One who doesn’t help them change from their wrong ways? People are looking for a way out. They want to get away from their worldly lifestyles and ways, if we can’t show it to them, then why would they want to change?
Want to know the BEST way to AVOID giving offense to others??

Think before you do or say something!!!

If we were just to “think” a moment before we start to speak, we can usually avoid offending someone. The bible says it is hard to tame the tongue. For many of us, we just speak before we think!!! When our friends are sick with the flu for weeks on end and we start talking about how we prayed and did not get that sickness—we are causing offense to someone. When we go minister in a low income area and we choose to wear expensive clothing or jewelry, we are probably going to cause some offense. If we know people are struggling with sin in their lives and we prance around dabbling in the sin—because we don’t have issues with it, we are causing offense.
We have friends that dress more modestly than we do, whenever we go visit with them, I make sure to dress as modest as they would out of respect to them. If you know someone does something, don’t go against the grain and be disrespectful. If your friend struggles with food, don’t eat something that you know causes them to crave it in front of them. Help them, encourage them.
If you are in a disagreement with someone, the best thing you can do is stay calm. Allow others to have their way in the conflict. By choosing to remain calm and not be part of the disagreement puts a quick end to the anger and will stop the offense. Being part of foolish and dumb arguments are NOT a sign of a believer. God wants us to be the peacemakers, helping others to learn to have self control in their lives.
Be considerate of others and think how they feel in their own situation. The saying “put yourself in someone else’s shoes” is a huge reminder of how we are to walk around in love and not in offense.

Find out what offense does to us next……


Image courtesy of. [David Castillo Dominici] at

What things can offend you—more than you think!!


There are many ways that we can be offended. We are going to examine six of them.

  •  Offended by the truth
  •  Offended by God
  •  Offended by trouble/circumstances
  •  Offended by the holy spirit
  •  Offending ourselves
  •  Giving offenses to others

Offended by the truth

In John 8:32 it says: Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free!!

When you start reading scriptures or you hear a truth from God’s word, if it doesn’t line up with us and our flesh, we have to be careful not to take offense with this. We usually are quick to think it is not for us but for someone else. But God’s word is for us. To help us be free in Him.

I remember very much when God’s word—the truth—was teaching me how to change things about myself. I thought in my own mind that I was a pretty good person (smile) But I realized I had a lot of hidden attitudes and heart issues to work on. There was more than one time that I felt like I didn’t want to do this. God was showing me how I had prideful, control issues. I wanted to take charge and fix things. I wanted to do things my way, because I thought it was best (smile) He was showing me that I was a manipulator, and that I had to stop feeling sorry for myself. I had to let down my guard and humble myself before my family and God. It was tough. But I kept on it. It was stretching me.

I don’t know about you, but I know that when I am stretching it just doesn’t feel comfortable. But just as a caterpillar stretches it’s way out of the cocoon and into a butterfly, that is the same metamorphosis that we go through. When we are stretched, it may feel a little uncomfortable but that is where we are able to push through and enter into the next level of what God has for us.

God can use anyone in any situation that He wants. BUT how much greater of a way can God use us when we completely lay down all of our “stuff” and let Him take control of our lives?

When we hear the truth, for the most part it is hard on the flesh. We are sinful people and when we hear something that goes against what the world has taught us, then it is tough. But it reaps many good things, unlike the world. When we hear the truth and act upon it, it sets our present conditions into line with God and it prepares us for far greater blessings that we can imagine. We want to be moving forward in our walk with the Lord. We don’t want to stay stagnant. How much better is a life that is lived to the fullest just by laying aside our pride and becoming meek and submissive to what God has for us? For most, they make excuses of why they don’t want to change or don’t want to hear that truth. All those excuses are doing nothing but preventing them from moving forward. We want to be FREE!!! We want to be free so that God can use us in a mighty way.

Offended by God

One look at the world and you can see how people take offense at God. Our society is offended by God. The ten commandments posted on a building offends people who look at it. Allowing students to pray in school causes offense to others. Why does this offend them? The ONLY reason it offends them is because THEY DO NOT WANT TO DO IT! They have rejected the One whom has created them, and therefore they reject anything about Him. It is called rebellion and our world is full of it. When you read the 10 commandments, I think almost everyone can agree that they are all good rules to live by. To not kill, not to covet, not to be adulterous are all things that benefit US. God is trying to show US how to have a better life. Everything He says is for our good. But as the bible says in the end times they will rebel and turn their hearts away from the truth.

Offended by trouble/circumstances

Mark 4:14-17
The sower soweth the word. And these are they by the way side, where the word is sown; but when they have heard, Satan cometh immediately, and taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts. And these are they likewise which are sown on stony ground; who, when they have heard the word, immediately receive it with gladness; And have no root in themselves, and so endure but for a time: afterward, when affliction or persecution ariseth for the word’s sake, immediately they are offended.

This truth is an important one, you see it happening everyday especially in our churches. If someone is not deeply rooted in God’s word, when trouble comes, they fall away. This is a big testimony that I know I have encountered many times throughout my life. I see wives and teenagers that grew up in the church and when something happens badly in their lives, instead of digging deep into God’s word and turning to Him for strength and guidance, they crumble and fade away. It is a sad reality. But God’s word tells us about it so that we can be aware and be careful not to do it.
When we are faced with trials or bad situations they can either make us stronger or they will make us resentful. When bad things happen, if we take offense at the situation we start to blame others for it. We may blame God for disrupting our cushy lifestyles. We may even blame the devil—and that is rightly so. But we can also take offense at other people who seem to be more blessed then we are. Sometimes it is just resentment. That resentment takes root to form bitterness towards life and the situations that come our way. But we must be made aware of resentment. This is part of not taking offense.
When we are faced with these trials or bad situations we need to look at them from a whole new perspective. We need to think, that by going through this, it can actually helps us get deeper and stronger roots in the Word. I know for myself, when I have gone through trials, the more I was alone and away from others I had only one person to hang onto, and that was God. But during those times is when my faith was strengthened. I realized that once I gave over my situations to Him, He could do far greater of a job then I could do. Then to watch it unfold, strengthened my faith hugely. Seeing His hand do the things that for years I tried to control and change.
When times of trial arise you can really see how faithful you truly are to God. You can see if you are more of an emotional person or if you are truly committed to the faith. Emotional hearers of the word always fall apart during times of trial. You have seen people being unstable in times of trial. They get angry and make accusations against others, instead of rationally looking at the situation.. This is only a sign of spiritual immaturity. Not that you can’t get emotional during times of trial—but what I am saying is that inside, your faith will help you stand the test of your trials. Knowing that God is in control of everything and that he will work ALL things out together for your good. Being careful to guard, to not let your emotions take charge of your faith.
As a side note, you want to avoid people in life that are given to change. However the wind blows through their life that is how they bend, sway, and react. These types of people you cannot count on. They usually have a bad influence and it is just better to stay away.

When bad things or situations happen in your life don’t blame God.

Lamentations 3:25-28 says that God lays the yoke of divine discipline on us for our benefits. Sometimes it is good for us to experience disappointment. We learn to just shake off the dirt, get back up and go on. We learn not to place our hope in things but to place our hope in God. When we don’t get our way all of the time, we learn to appreciate things much more. We grow very thankful for the things that we do have.

God is at work ALL OF THE TIME. Just like on a movie, we only see what is going on right here and now. But God is working behind the scenes and we know nothing about what He is doing behind the scenes. We must trust God and NEVER accuse Him of not caring for you. God is good all of the time—I like to say “no, God is GREAT!!”

Being offended by the Holy Spirit??  REALLY, who in their right mind would want to offend the Holy Spirit?? Find out tomorrow….


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