Fifth Grade Basic Skills in book form ready!!!

Hello everyone!  Hope your week has been going well.  We have been busy. Aren’t we always busy?!?!? This week was “take all six kittens and one dog to the vet to get spayed and neutered.”  Now I have to keep all seven of them calm and NOT running around!?!?! Hmmm…gonna be quite the challenge.  When you place six kittens in one bathroom, they seem to climb on everything and make quite the mess.  I think we will only be doing that for a few days.  Plus I got two books formatted and up for sale on Amazon and that I am excited for!!!!!

I now have fifth grade basic skills complete curriculum that you can purchase on Amazon.This book has 36 weeks of schooling.  It has enough to do four days of “worksheet” school.  I would recommend the other day you do more hands on learning. It also includes weekly work for vocabulary words every 5th grader should know and extra speed drills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

You can click here to buy from Amazon.

Again, these are course from my blog here that are FREE.  I only added a few more days worth of pages so that it could be a complete course.

I have the answer key to this book available as well under my homeschooling resource section.

Hope that you have some sunshine in your day!  We are off to the lake for some much needed fun time!   Be blessed and see ya soon with the next level:)


New fourth grade basic skills curriculum in book form ready!!!

Hello everyone! I have another year finished and up for sale on Amazon!! Woohoo!

This contains all of the FREE courses for fourth grade that I have on my site here as well as a few extra pages so that it is a complete 36 week program.

If you want to purchase it or any of the other courses click here.

You can also get all of the answer keys for these books on my site.  Even if you choose not to purchase the books and just want to download the individual courses, you can flip through the PDF and get the answers.

A couple more days and I will have fifth grade finished…..Be blessed everyone!!! Amy

Cursive Handwriting practice book for sale

As you know I am compiling entire years’ worth of homeschooling curriculum for those of you that have requested it.  These are available for sale on Amazon and I am up to 4th grade–see that tomorrow:) These all contain an answer key to make checking easier.  The only problem is that by making an entire years’ worth of curriculum I am maxed out on Amazons limit of pages (630).   The answer keys are going to be available on my site .

The other course I wanted to include was a cursive handwriting course.  In the third grade curriculum there is some practice but not enough to justify a complete course.  Due to the massive size of the book!!! So I had to create a separate book for that and here it is!

You can purchase this on Amazon and it includes 120 days worth of lessons.  I also included 25 extra cursive pages with the letters at the top of each page to help in your child’s writing.

You can purchase that here if you would like……

Keep watching for more schooling and have a blessed day!

New Third grade complete basic skills curriculum ready!

Hello everyone, I have been working diligently on getting every grade level’s  complete years worth of curriculum books ready for sale by the new school year and I just finished up the 3rd grade one.

You can purchase this on Amazon here.

It includes all the basic skills you need to pass third grade plus some cursive writing practice and many practice test questions for standardized testing.  These are  the courses that I have for FREE on my site and a few extra pages so that I can call it “complete.”  It just takes all the hassle out of printing off and organizing the courses yourself.

It is over 600 pages, the maximum allowed by Amazon so I am including the answer key to the book on my site here for those that need to reference it.



Safe and easy way to light sparklers and 4th of July fun

Hello, I hope your all having a great day after the 4th!  We had a wonderful day yesterday of swimming,water balloons, and bear sightings in our yard!!! Wait, what?!!!  Yes, my son was out grilling some burgers and along came this big black bear up our driveway, smelling that food.

Kind of exciting, kind of scary:)  It was the first one we had seen in our immediate yard.  The girls had filled 300 water balloons for the kids to enjoy.  They had fun throwing those and playing games.  Then we had a nice BBQ dinner and at night time we headed down to the local hangout for some  firework fun.

We got to meet up with others in our community and enjoy some fellowship and memory making moments with our children.  First we started out with making some smores.

I brought a tray filled with graham crackers, marshmallows, and different chocolate candy bars.  The children used wooden skewers and cooked their marshmallows over a chafing fuel tank.  (Think what they put under the trays of food to keep them warm at receptions, etc)

I placed it into a large tin can to keep fingers safe from burning.This worked out great, no burned fingers and much safer then other methods.   I got a whole case of these at SAMS club for around $10.  We will be using them for many years to come. Then, I don’t know about you, but we have lots of little ones to light sparklers for.  Most years, my husband and sons fingers would grow tired of holding the lighter to light the hundreds of sparklers we go through.  Then we got smart one year and used a large pillar candle. That worked okay, but the children would keep touching the wick and make it go out.  Then this year we got smarter:) and decided to use our chafing fuel tanks…..BINGO!  Perfection!!!

All we needed was someone to hand out the sparklers to the children. I pre-opened all the packages before we went, to cut down on the amount of trash.  Then I had another tin can for all of the burned sparklers for the children to place them in.  This worked the best.  Next year, we will probably take a 5 gallon bucket filled with water, as we go through many sparklers, but the tin can worked quite well for this method.

The children had a great time with their sparklers. This was our first year of not really worrying that anyone was going to get burned.  Here is Stephen enjoying his sparkler.  Here is Jentzen enjoying his.

Then it was time for the fireworks. Of course, this was the moment that I had put my phone away?!!!  Our friends brought a huge package of glo sticks so the children enjoyed making large necklaces and fun toys with them.  That was probably their favorite thing of the night.  I was like, “Oh look at the fireworks display.”  They were more into building their glo-light worm:)

It was a fun night of community and memory making.  There were a lot of fireworks, a lot of laughter, and a lot of fun.  My boys got to ride in a dune buggy as well.  A good night for family.

Now today is a new day, back to chores and normal life.  We are hoping for some sunshine and swimming time at the lake. 🙂  Hope you have a wonderful day as well.  Be blessed!