eating more fruits and veggies–encouragement vlog #13

Fruits and veggies—-we all need more of them!  Watch and see how you can incorporate some into your diets this week.

How to teach foreign language, art, and phys ed. Part 11 homeschooling video series

Sorry, I forgot to post the video!!!  Hope your day is good!

preparing for your day–encouragement vlog #12

Had a rough start to your week?  Watch and see how you can change it for tomorrow.

How to teach social studies part 10 homeschooling video series

History is not my thing.  How can I go about teaching my child history? Watch and see how easy it can be.

Switch to all natural cleaners -encouragement vlog #11

Why is it a good idea to switch to all natural cleaners to help simplify your life?  To choose something basic and simple and to help  not complicate our lives.  Hope you enjoy this week’s encouragement vlog.