Large family laundry routine

Hey guys, after looking around at my blog a little, I realized that many of my schedules and routines were outdated.  I wrote back when I had little ones of how we did laundry and how are schedules were set...under managing a large family.…so I decided to update them a bit.

Now that I have started doing some youtube videos, I thought it would be a great way to start documenting our families managing skills—–do we have those?????

So here is a video on how we manage the laundry in our large family:


I hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful day!

Bad mood mom day:)

Yes I have them!  I am sure you do too!  As much as I would love to say that I never get angry or frustrated, I do.  Life happens, kids happen, husband happens, and Mom happens:)  But we just pick back up and keep on moving.

Hope you enjoy this little video of life last week.


Jesus Birthday Cake

Hey everyone, I hope you are having a great day today, getting back into “normal.”  Whats normal?!?!?!  Normal for you and normal for me may be two different things.  One thing I have noticed over the years is that we are all Mom’s. We are ALL striving to do the same thing…raise our families as best we know how.

Diverse mom’s….same kind of crazy:)

No matter what we do…whether we have one child or ten children…life is crazy.  Crazy and busy.  We all have different levels of things going on.  Mine may be like or unlike yours but we share the same struggles, the same things to overcome, the same day to day activities…its all the same….crazy and fun!  I like to use the comment “It’s fun fun!”  Along with the emoji with the rolling of the eyeballs…because sometimes I have to convince myself that what I do is fun.  Sometimes it just takes longer to get it:)  So when I say those words to my friends, they know that life is crazy and we WILL get through it.  You just put that smile on your face and it will come if you let it.

Okay, back to my blog post…..this year we made our Jesus cake again.  We try and make it every year but sometimes life happens and we don’t.  What is hard is that we have a birthday right before Christmas so to have cake two times along with all of the sweets and treats can be a lot…this year we made it early, intending to use it for our cookie exchange but we never did.  I froze it and when we were celebrating for New Years I pulled it out and we had it.

The cake takes some time to make. I use a springform pan like for a cheesecake to make my layers large.  The bottom layer is chocolate cake made normal and baked.  We then freeze that layer on a plate.  The next is either cherry chip or strawberry dyed with red food coloring.  Bake it and freeze that.  Then the top layer is white cake dyed with green.  Freeze that and then move on to making your frosting.

We make a boiled flour icing.

1 cup milk and 6 T of flour.  Mix together in a saucepan and cook until thickened.  Stir continually with a whisk.  This will get very thick…you want the lumps gone.  Then cool.  We usually set it in a window…because it is cold this time of year or we put in the refrigerator to speed up the process.

Then beat together:  1 cup shortening, 1 cup granulated sugar and 1/2 tsp vanilla.  Then add the flour mixture…it will become fluffy after 5 minutes or more.

What we like to do because it isn’t pure white….we like to frost it with the boiled icing to get a good coating.  Then we freeze it again.  Then take a container of cool whip and coat the cake smooth.  This gives it a good clean coating of icing.

Freeze this solid so that you can decorate the top.

In the center of the top we take a star cookie cutter and lay it carefully down.  Mix yellow food coloring and sugar together to make yellow sugar.  Then carefully sprinkle that on the cake to make a star.  Gently push down the sugar to make it stick.  Then use a smaller heart cookie cutter and make red sugar hearts all around the top edges of the cake.  These are all going to symbolize things.

When you are ready to present your cake place a large red candle in the center and give each of the people present a smaller birthday candle.

Print off the pdf that explains the presentation of the cake and you are done!  This would be great to make into 3 or 4 smaller separate cakes and given to families for the holiday season.

Download (PDF, 489KB)

I hope you enjoy and maybe will add this to your families tradition next year.  Be blessed today and remember Motherhood is fun fun! Keep saying it with a smile and eventually it will stick.


New years eve celebration 2017

Hey everyone!  I hope you  had a good New Years celebration with your family.  We had a wonderful week of celebrating with the entire family together.

You can watch our New Years Eve celebration here:

We started the day attending church, then coming home for a quick bite to eat.  We just did some sandwiches because we were going to start making munchies for the rest of the day to eat.

The the kiddos and I started making all of our munchie foods.  We opted not to do this for Christmas since we were going to all be together for New Years….and would much rather spend the extra money for that time.  I don’t have an image of the food?!?!  But there is a clip in the video:)  This year we made:

  • nacho taco dip
  • cheese ball
  • spinach dip
  • hummus
  • salsa and chips
  • cowboy caviar
  • vege tray
  • shrimp
  • pigs in a blanket
  • bacon wrapped piggies
  • jalapeno poppers
  • carolina BBQ wings
  • pizza rolls
  • pizza bagels
  • cheesy, bacon ranch fries
  • ham sliders
  • pierogies and alfredo
  • Hawaiian bread and cheese
  • pink party punch
  • tray of Christmas cookies and treats


The rest of our day was spent playing games.  We had chess tournaments  and learned some new games like Blokus and GOPS.  Old favorites likes Mancala and Rummikube.  It was fun because the competitive nature was coming out in many of us:)

Then we did some family games like who can build the tallest marshmallow tower in 15 minutes.  Ashlyn and Paul were engineering up a grand tower, but it did not match…

Lauren and Matthew’s!  They were our grand champion:)

Jadyn did a good job….as long as she held onto hers:)

Collin had a great thing going as well, then it came crashing down:(  I think Stephen was enjoying eating them more than building:)

Then we played quarter toss.  We gave everyone $1 worth of quarters and they had to toss their coin and get the closest to the line without going over.

We did 4 rounds and it was fun.  We broke up the younger ones with the older ones.  This was probably everyone’s favorite game.  Daddy’s idea:)

Then we did Saran Wrap ball game.  I rolled up:

  • hot cocoa packets
  • oreo cookie packets
  • cheez it packets
  • $ bills
  • chocolate candy
  • flavored water bottles–opt NOT to do this because it crushes the other snacks:)

The older ones had to wear oven mitts to unroll and the younger ones got to use their hands.  This came in 2nd place as the game most enjoyed:)

We also played charades.  I wrote down things that you do on a daily basis—to make it easier for the younger ones.

We watched the ball drop on tv and had glow sticks and party poppers for the family.  One of Lauren’s clients gave her some sparkling apple cider so we had that this year.  Then it was time for bed and we woke up early at 7 to take Ashlyn and Paul to the airport .

It was a wonderful time together and THEN I was able to take my Christmas decorations down and put them away!  I really like to do that the day after Christmas but I left them up so that we could enjoy them through New Years.

I went shopping in between Christmas and New Years to stock up on clearance items.  I purchased enough paper, labels, ribbons, and bags for next year.  I spent $35 in paper this year?!?!?  I did NOT want to spend that again….half price is good;)  I also bought some new lights, ornaments, and tree decorations.  I am getting a new tree from a friend so we will be able to upgrade some decorations for next year.  I also bought a few decorations for the house.  After moving multiple times over the years, my stash it quite small. I will be glad to start adding to it more and more over the  years.

Now I am busy cleaning up and getting the house back in order.  I have LOTS of laundry to catch up on and many bedding sets to wash. It is FREEZING here  like 8 degrees this morning!  I love to put bedding out when it is so cold and sunshiny, it gives them a nice fresh scent.  I hang them in the sunshine for most of the day and then bring them in….they are usually a little stiff and I put them in the dryer for a few moments until dried.

We have LOTS of leftovers so no need to cook much:)  Now that the house is cleaned, laundry taken care of, and kids enjoying a break… doesn’t start till next week….I am going to take the time to learn my new laptop and work on getting everything transferred over.

I look forward to the New Year and ALL of the wonderful things that will happen!  Be blessed today!

Merry Christmas 2017….glimpse of our celebration….

Hope your having a wonderful day with your family!  I got a new laptop with some editing software so I was trying it out.  Here is a little video of our Christmas celebration.  Be blessed and enjoy the chaos!