Life Skills for Guys week 2

Here is the second week life skills course for guys….print it off and add it to your binder for this week’s lessons.

Have a blessed day!

Click here to download and print off.

The last 5th birthday celebration and girls spa night

Wow, how time sure does fly by…………we celebrated our youngest child, #10’s, fifth birthday this past week.  I can hardly believe it is our last 5th birthday.  I know we will have some grandchildren birthdays but this is the last “child’s” birthday.

It was a wonderful celebration for Stephen.  Our birthday weekend started out with Lauren coming back home after being gone at camp Greystone all summer.  It is a christian girls summer camp and she loves working their.  So she was busy unpacking everything.

Then the girls have been wanting to have a sleepover this summer and we had never gotten around to it, so I figured why not join in the birthday festivities and have their friends over. We did girl spa night.

The older girls did the younger girls nails and gave them spa treatments.

The little girls were loving it.  Then they promised to leave the older girls alone:)

They made a coconut oil and sugar scrub for hands and feet.

Cucumbers for the eyes, of course:)

Avocado, oatmeal, and honey facial mask.

orange Kool Aid and coconut oil lip rub

We popped a big bowl of popcorn and offered different popcorn flavorings per each child’s request.  We also made some birthday cake hot cocoa.  This was very good.

The girls had fun and this allowed time to play with the boys:)  They all had a fun night.

Then our church had a back to school bash the next morning and that was a lot of fun for everyone.

There was something for everyone to do.

Everyone except Stephen did the water slide.  They loved it!

Even Evan got involved and volunteered for the dunk tank:)

They tried their hand at putt putt.  Hmmm we ended up doing four of them and the little ones were done:)

Here is Stephen coming down the inflatable obstacle course.

Brooklyn getting stuck on the velcro wall:)

Here is Stephen climbing up the wall.  It was a gorgeous day.  We have had so much rain here it has been a little depressing. This morning we woke up and it looked like rain all day, but when we got to church, the skies opened up and it was gorgeous.  A little warm, real feel of 97 degrees! but there was no rain.

We came home to cool off and open presents.  Then we took a break for an hour while mom made dinner.

Then we ate.  We had mac and cheese, hot dogs, cheese balls, chips and french onion dip, watermelon, veges and hummus, and some homemade mini pizzas.  It was definitely a five year olds birthday request:)

I made him a “Stephen cake”, a cake I haven’t made in a long time, but was happy to do for him. Click here for how to make it or a girls cake.

We then played some games.  These are usually staples at most of our parties:

Suck the candy up the straw and place it within the cupcake liner.  We had  a race and gave everyone ten candies.  They always like this one.  We used M&M’s this time.

We then did clothespin drop into a Mason jar.  Always a fun game, I remember playing this when I was a child.

We also always do pin the tail on something. Since Stephen loves Batman, Stephen’s friend Elizabeth, drew him a Stephen sized Batman.  We played pin the mask on Batman.

Then we played charades. I used these printable summer ideas from our homeschool party. 

We ended the night with some bubbles outside.  It rained most of the afternoon but we did sneak in a few moments outside. 

We realized that Ruby loves to eat bubbles:)Overall we had a wonderful day.  We were thankful for the sunshine in the morning and even though we had rain all afternoon, Stephen had a great time.

Happy 5th Birthday Stephen!


Abundant life bible study for teens and adults

I have been wanting to do a study for my teens on living an abundant life. I have learned so many different truths over the years from various pastors and  I was talking with a friend about having something all together for our children based on  Holy Spirit living.  We learn and live it daily, why not help teach others to be grounded with this.  I decided to take on this task and I figured the best way to do this was to post a week’s study at a time.

This study will cover such topics as:

  • living a life of faith
  • being led by the Holy Spirit
  • healing
  • prosperous in all areas of life
  • wisdom
  • offenses
  • rebuking the devourer–spiritual warfare
  • fasting
  • tithing
  • pride
  • tradition of man vs God’s truths
  • importance of your words

I am excited to do this.  It is what set me free in so many areas of my life. I could not imagine living my life any other way. It will be good to have a study each week and eventually I will put it in a book form to download in whole.

I hope your enjoy, let me know what you think. I love feedback and would like to know if any is impacting your life.

Click here to download week 1

Be blessed!

How to make your kiddie pool and floaties last all summer!!!

Okay, we moved down to the south a few years ago and it is definitely much hotter down here!  Not complaining, we absolutely love it.  The one thing we are very fortunate that we have is a private lake in our community.  We spend almost everyday at our lake for a few hours to cool off.  This will be until we get our pool in place. How do you engineer a pool off the side of a mountain?!! I am leaving that up to my husband:) Anyways until that time….we settle for a kiddie pool and floaties for the lake.  We purchased a couple of these pools from Amazon and Sams Club last year and got new ones as holes appeared.  This year I discovered Gorilla Glue Silicone Sealant and I have not had to replace our pool yet.

I get the family swim pool for around $30 and it is great for our large crew.  I used a tarp and set it on our driveway.  We live on a mountain and there is not any flat grass land.  Plus now that we have bears in our yard!!! I like my children within view:)

Forgive me for the 1/2 black 1/2 color photo—my phone edited like part of it?!!  When it is time to change the water, usually every 2 days, we let out the plugs and let it flow down the mountain.  I use an electric pump and fill up each ring and it takes about 5 minutes to fill.  Then we fill it with the hose.

This works great for the days we just want to cool off at night and when the lake season ends on labor day, BUT it will still be warm for a while down here!

I purchased some fun floaties at the beginning of the season and have made them last by using this goop over the holes as they would appear.  My children can be rough, as most are launching pads for multiple children:)   Here you can see on the seam how we covered it in goop. If the hole keeps not wanting to seal and air blows through, cover it, let it dry a few moments, and then spread some more on. Eventually the air will not blow out.  It helps to not have the floaties completely full of air—no pressure.

Here were some small holes on the pool.

For the $5 it costs for this plumbers seal, well worth the price, especially at the end of the season and there is no place to get floaties at around here.

Hope this helps someone patch some holes.  Last year, we used the patch kit and it worked for a bit, but this was much better.  I have a red boned coon hound dog that enjoys jumping into the pool and leaves her tiny scratches on the sides and I have been able to patch my holes easily.  Sets up within half hour in the sun and is great!

If you floaties are slowly losing air…..get some of this sealant at your local Walmart or Lowes.

Have a blessed day!

Our meals for the week

As a mom, I know that I grow tired of making the same meals over and over again. It seems I get in a rut and then I am at a loss for what to make.  I do plan out our meals each month to make our shopping list, but once in a while I like to get some “new motivation” on meals to make for our family.

I thought I would share what meals we have made for the past week, in hopes to inspire you if you were stuck in that “what to make rut”  🙂

These are all easy meals to make, they require simple ingredients and our family really enjoys them.

This one came to me as I was purchasing our ground chuck at the meat store. I saw these chicken cordon bleu’s which were of course ridiculously priced so I thought I could make them myself.

Here is what mine looked like before baking………….Not bad in comparison:)

I then cooked a bunch of fettuccine noodles and added alfredo sauce.  An easy side dish.

Here is what our dinner plates looked like.

If you would like to know how we made it, click here for the recipe. Then we had pizza buffet night.  My friend and I had gotten a hold of a huge box of restaurant style frozen pizza crusts. That was our basis.    

Here are what we made:Ham and cheese pizza–my children’s favorite.

Peanut butter, marshmallow, and chocolate dessert.

Cinnamon and sugar breadsticks.

Apple pie breadsticks.Strawberry breadsticks.

If you want any of the recipes click here to see how we made them. This was one of our newer meals that we enjoy lately.  My children enjoy those Taquitos that are rolled up and you get them in the freezer section of the store.  Well we decided to make them.  I think we have found a very good substitute for them.  These are made with refried beans, shredded beef, cheese, salsa, and corn tortillas.  We serve these along with some mexican rice.  Click here for our Taquitos recipe.

This one I didn’t even want to mention, but you never know who will make it. I am allergic to fish. I don’t make it often because I don’t care for the smell.  Well we were given a bunch of canned salmon. Eewwww! I know, but I didn’t want to waste it.  So I made some salmon patties with them. My guys LOVE these! I will only make when I come into a bunch of canned salmon!!?I made a big batch of these and my guys ate them for days as a quick bite to eat.  Not a family meal, just something I had made this week:)  Click here to see how.

This part is for me the mom:)  Yes, I love all the meals my family enjoys, but if I know it is something with a higher calorie count, I will opt for something like this.  I make these summer pita sandwiches pretty much daily as I do love them.  You can click here and see the various combinations of toppings. I buy pita in bulk and freeze it.  Pull it out when I want it.  Easy meal for mom on the go!

I do a lot of this too. I place a bowl of veges all ready to eat on the counter for when the hunger strikes and I am tempted to eat say….a cookie:)  I also like making Asian cabbage salad a lot. I have found that when I keep it separate like this, it lasts longer.  Again meals for me the Mom. 

One evening we made a chinese chicken over rice meal. This I cooked on the grill and then added a bottle of ginger sesame marinade that I found at Aldi’s.  It was very good.  This was what our plate looked like.  I added the sweet potato for myself:)  Some cut up watermelon, and it was a very light dinner and good! 

Then we made some cinnamon rolls because we had the supplies and ….who doesn’t love homemade cinnamon rolls? Here is the link for our caramel frosting.

We had leftovers two of the nights that we had the chicken cordon bleu and taquitos. I fed the guys salmon patties and I ate my summer pita sandwiches. We then had hamburgers, baked beans, and watermelon for a cookout on the weekend.  It was a week. We don’t always have “new” meals every night.  I just wanted to give you a glimpse of what we have.

I will try and do this each week. My goal is to take pictures of every meal I make…..something I forget:) I am determined to add more and help out where I can.  Pray for me and my consistency:)  As always, be blessed!