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We are living life with 10 children with lots of love and joy. We live as simple and plain as we can be, but life with a visionary husband is definitely not so plain. Look around and see how we live and enjoy life.

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sausage bowtie casserole

This recipe was originally called “Jared’s casserole” but it has since been changed to sausage bowtie casserole.  I didn’t think anyone would understand if I gave it that name.  A guy from my husbands’ work gave me a slightly different version and as with all my foods, I tweaked it to give it a version […]

Chocolate Eclair Cake

This is my 2nd oldest daughters favorite dessert.  It is very simple to make and tastes so wonderful. Scroll down for complete recipe. In 9 x 13 pan, grease and then place one layer of graham crackers on the bottom. In medium sized mixing bowl add 2 pkgs instant vanilla pudding and 3 cups of […]